Bangkok Weather

Bangkok Weather

Located in tropical monsoon climate zone, Bangkok has a high temperature all year round. The hottest month is April with the highest temperature rising up to over 40℃ (104℉), while the most comfortable month is December with the average temperature being around 26℃ (79℉). Another distinctive feature of Bangkok weather is rich rainfall. The yearly rainfall there is as high as 1,500mm, most of which happens in May to October. 

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

The best time to travel to Bangkok is November to next February, when the temperature is cool and visitors could stroll around comfortably. In other time of the year, visitors would either get sweating or wet walking outside.


Bangkok Weather by Month

Averages for Bangkok Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Bangkok
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Bangkok
Average Temperatures of Bangkok
Average Temperatures Graph for Bangkok
Humidity Graph of Bangkok
Average Humidity Graph for Bangkok
Average Rainfall of Bangkok
Average Rainfall Graph for Bangkok

Bangkok Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Climatically, Bangkok has three seasons: cool season from November to next February, hot season from March to April, and rainy season from May to October.

Cool Season (November – February)

In cool season, the temperature is relatively mild from 21-35℃ (70-95℉) without too much rainfall. Many visitors flow in to sightsee and have fun. However, this is also the peak travel season, when the travel cost, including accommodation fee, flight tickets and restaurant bills will be high. If you plan to travel independently, book the flight tickets, hotels and others in advance after comparing the price and service qualities carefully. Pack summer clothes and a thin overcoat for the trip. 

Hot Season (March – April)

It is hot and sunny. The highest temperature is often over 40℃, so it is quite challenging to go outside. If coming to visit Bangkok in this season, pack sunscreens, sunglasses and some anti-heatstroke medicine in addition to other travel necessities like thin clothes. Also, try to stay indoor around noon when the temperature is highest at the day. One more thing to take note is that the Songkran Festival, aka the Thai New Year, is celebrated from April 13th to 15th. Many grand celebrations will make the visit more memorable. 

Rainy Season (May – October)

Influenced by the southwest monsoon from the Indian Ocean, it rains a lot and often heavily. 85% of the yearly rainfall drop in these months. One of the musts in your luggage should be rain gears. The good thing is that the rain usually does not last very long and it makes the weather cool thereafter. When traveling, avoid the rainy moments and do not go to the dangerous places influenced by the rain. 
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