Bangkok Weather in August


Season: Rainy Season

The distinct features of Bangkok weather in August are hot and humid, not friendly for outdoor activities and sightseeing. To be specific, the temperature hovers between 25-32℃ (77-90℉) averagely and the rainy days totals to half of a month. What makes visitors feel a little better is that the rain, although heavy, usually does not pour down for a long time; so one may wait to go out till the rain ends. The temperature decreases a little after the rain, too.

Averages for Bangkok Weather in August

Temperature: 31°C / 88°F
High Temperature: 32°C / °F
Low Temperature: 25°C / 77°F
Humidity: 76%
Rainfall: 197mm
Rainy Days : 15 days
Sunrise: 06:03~ 06:06
Sunset: 18:30 ~ 18:46

Clothes to Wear in Bangkok in August

One must wear thin and airy clothes when visiting Bangkok in August and those made from cotton and silk are the best. Short-sleeve t-shirt and shorts are recommended for males and dress and skirt are advised for females. Prepare the rain gear for the trip, too. On sunny days, sunglasses and sunhats are also necessary to protect themselves from sunburn.
Bangkok Clothes in August August Wear in Bangkok

What to Do in Bangkok in August

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

When it does not rain, one can go to visit the Grand Palace, the luxury residence for the King of Thailand, one of the richest men in the world. It’s also a relatively good thing to do to enjoy a cruise on the Chao Phraya River to appreciate Thai style architecture along the banks while feeling the gentle breeze. At night, it’s recommended to appreciate the famous Thai boxing; and Muay Thai Live given at Asiatique The Riverfront is one of the most popular. Another interesting thing to do in Bangkok at night is tasting various local food and snacks at Khao San Road. If you are a Buddhist or interesting in the local Buddhism culture, you may attend the alms giving in the morning. 


1. Do not go out when it is scorching around noon or when it rains heavily. 
2. Prepare some mosquito-repellent in advance.
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