Bangkok Weather in May


Season: Rainy Season

Bangkok in May is hot and the average temperature is 26-34℃ (79-93℉). The rainfall increases obviously, reaching over 200mm totally for the month. Sometimes it’s hit by thunder storms, after which some streets may be flooded. The good thing is that the rain usually does not drop for long and one can go out to continue sightseeing thereafter, when it can be a little cool. 

Averages for Bangkok Weather in May

Temperature: 32°C / 90°F
High Temperature: 34°C / °F
Low Temperature: 26°C / 79°F
Humidity: 73%
Rainfall: 202mm
Rainy Days : 13 days
Sunrise: 05:49~ 05:57
Sunset: 18:34 ~ 18:42

What to Wear in Bangkok in May

According to the Bangkok weather in May, it is advised to bring summer clothes like dress and t-shirt. In consideration of the frequent rains, a pair of comfortable easy-dry sandals is recommended, so are the rain gears. 

Although it’s hot outside, it can be quite comfortable indoor and you may even feel cold, when a thin overcoat is needed. Pants and dress below the knees are also necessary to visit the Buddhism temples.
Bangkok Clothes in May May Wear in Bangkok

Best Things to Do in Bangkok in May

Recommendation Rate of Travel: 

Bangkok is a city with strong religious atmosphere and abounds with temples. Among the various, Wat Arun, also called Temple of the Dawn is famous for its unique architecture, complex carvings and delicate decorations of tiles, glasses and shells. Ascending it, once can overlook Chao Phraya River. Afterwards, it’s a good choice to visit the Grand Palace, which can be reached wither by boat or city bus. It is the best-preserved royal palace in Thailand. In its northeast, stand the Wat Phra Kaew, also one of the most famous temples in the country. At night, you may go to Khao San Road to taste various local snacks. 


1. Do not stay outside when it rains heavily and go to the flooded places.
2. If you cannot eat too much spicy, tell the waiter or chief beforehand.
3. Pack some mosquito repellent water, too
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