Weekend Getaways from Hanoi

The pitstop for travelers coming to Vietnam for adventure, Hanoi is one of the most crowded cities of the country. It’s an urban city full of noises, crowded streets, and buzzing motorcycle cabs (Xe Om).  A city of pagodas and mouthwatering street food, Hanoi offers its visitors a lot of options. But what if you want a peaceful escapade from the overwhelming noises of the city?

You can always head to the Vietnamese countryside for your weekend from Hanoi. The peaceful countryside and lush green rice plantations can instantly fix your mood, and make you feel better.

Here are a few of the popular cities ideal for a day trip for the national capital.

1. Halong Bay

Distance from Hanoi: 176 km (109 mi)
Things to do: Scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing and a bunch of other outdoor activities

Located on the Vietnamese coastline, Halong Bay, one of the best weekend getaways is often visited by locals. One of the listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the nation, it is the place for soaking in some sun after a hectic sightseeing schedule. The towering limestone mountains, on the small islets, surrounded by rainforests is ideal for hiking. Also, the seafront is a perfect spot for scuba diving. If you like outdoors, then you will love Halong Bay.

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How to travel:
Buses or private cabs can be boarded for the trip. Cars take around 2 hours and 34 minutes to complete the journey, but the buses might take a longer time to complete the trip. Usually, travelers can board buses from the Hanoi’s Gia Lam or My Dinh station.

Apart from that, shuttle buses are available. These buses can be booked through cruise or private tour operators. The tickets for shuttle can cost around VND300,000 to VND350,000.

Interestingly, seaplanes can be booked from the Hai Au Aviation for a day trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay. The trip can be completed within 45 minutes, and will give the passengers a breathing aerial view of the Vietnamese landscape. The trip can cost around US$550.

With the train lines open to public, tourists on a budget trip can commute between the two cities without exhausting their entire travel budget. The train leave from the Yen Vien station in the morning and reaches Halong Bay within 6 hours. The tickets can cost around VND100,000. 

2. Duong Lam Ancient Village

Distance from Hanoi: 47.1 km (29.3 mi)
Things to do: Strolling the streets in leisure, exploring the Ba Vi National Park

A trip to the peaceful Duong Lam village will take you back in time to yesteryears, when life was simple and you could lead your life in leisure. Surrounded with temples and quaint houses, records point out that the village is around 1,200 years old. Close to Ba Vi National Park, travelers can pick this village as one of your weekend getaways from Hanoi. Adventure seekers can explore the Ba Vi National Park for some jungle adventure.

How to travel:
Travelers can take a bus from the My Dinh Bus Station, Hanoi to reach the village. City buses 70B and 20B leaves from the station for Duong Lam Ancient Village, and tickets cost around VND 7,000. The trip would take around three hours to complete. Apart from buses, you can take Xe Om or private cab to visit the village. By taking the QL 32 highway, the trip would take around 1.5 hours to complete. You will have to pay VND 200k for the trip. An app-based taxi would cost around VND420K, and commence the journey in 2 hours.

3. Tam Coc and Trang An

Distance from Hanoi: 66 km (41 mi)
Things to do: Exploring the ancient landmarks of the region, explore the cave networks – highly recommended for nature lovers

One of the popular weekend getaways from Hanoi, Trang An is a scenic landscape close to Ninh Bình Province. Marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place is home to Tam Cốc/Bích Động, Hoa Lư, and Bai Dinh Temple. The destination is home to some of the most exciting Asiatic flora and fauna. The visit is recommended for nature lovers. After the Tam An, visitors can head to Tam Coc for an exciting adventure. The trip can be commenced in ten minutes. The entry to the Trang An landscape complex takes around VND 200K.

How to reach:
To reach the destination, visitors should take a two-hour drive to Ninh Binh Province. From the province, travelers can take a ferry down the Sao Khe River to reach Trang An. Visitors can take trains from the Hanoi till Ninh Binh Province. The train will cover the distance in 2.5 hours and tickets cost around VND640K. From Ninh Binh Railway Station, travelers can take motorcycle taxi to reach the destination. The motorcycle taxi’s cost is around VND300k.

Hanoi, the national capital of Vietnam, is the perfect place to start your trip. You can always explore the city, or head to the nearby destinations for a day trip from Hanoi.

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