Xinglong Mountain

Xinglong Mountain, also named Mt. Xinglong or Qiyun Mountain,is 60 kilometers (40 miles) away from Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province. Rising about 2,400 meters (7,800 feet) above sea level, it is covered with thick pine forests and scattered with colorful temples. In addition to the stunning landscape, rich Taoism culture makes the mountain more popular. There are 1,022 kinds of wild plants and 160 varieties of wild animals in this national forest park. Since the air in summer is fresh and cool, it is a favorable place to escape the heat.

Xinglong Mountain is formed by two mountains - the eastern Xinglong Hill 2,400 meters (7,800 feet) above sea level and the western Qiyun Hill 2,500 meters (8,200 feet) above sea level. Between them is Xinglong Valley filled with water, and Yunlong Bridge stretches across it. You can also take a cable car to shuttle between two hills. The Eastern Hill is more interesting while the Western Hill is more breathtaking. On the Eastern Hill you can stroll along a wooden gallery road with a length of 1,200 meters (1,300 yards) and watch pine trees with an age of hundreds of years. Also, you may step into Erxian Platform, Taibai Spring, Big Buddha Temple, Xisong Pavilion, Dilei Pavilion and Kuixing Temple on the Eastern Hill. On the Western Hill, visitors can admire Hunyun Pavilion, Zhaoyun Pavilion, visit temples housing statues of Jade Emperor, Dragon King, and Land Secretary. Besides, the high ladder there is very challenging and breathtaking.

Yunlong Bridge

Yunlong Bridge is one of the landmarks of Xinglong Mountain. It is a colorful arch bridge in gallery style with a length of 155 meters (170 yards). 16 red pillars support the colored glazed roof and two pavilions are seated in each end. It looks like a rainbow linking Xinglong Hill and Qiyun Hill. This classic building combines harmoniously with the green trees and emerald water. 

Big Buddha Temple

The main colors of Big Buddha Temple are blue, red and green and it is formed by three large halls in the middle and two small halls on two sides. There are three high spruces in front of the temple and five gers are scattered in the yard. In the main hall, visitors can see the Shakyamuni Buddha in the middle and the statue of Genghis Khan in front of it. Medicine Buddha is set on the left and Amitabha on the right. It is recorded that Genghis Khan died in Xinglong Mountain in 1227 when his troops fought with Western Xia (1038-1227). After his death, his clothes and weapons were preserved in the mountain. In 1939, his coffin was secretly removed into the Big Buddha Temple and the preservation lasted until 1949. This period of history brings the mountain greater reputation.  

Tomb of Liu Yiming

The rich Taoism culture of the mountain can date back to Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 B.C. -771 B.C) when Taoists cut caves to practice Taoism there. Among numerous Taoists there, Liu Yiming in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1912) is most famous because he not only healed the sick but also built 62 Taoist temples over several decades. He also finished 22 Taoism books in Xinglong Mountain and his tomb is located there.

House of Chiang Kai-shek

The leader of Nationalist Party called Chiang Kai-shek lived there at the foot of Xinglong Mountain. It is also the place where he held a military meeting. It is a small villa built for the daily life of the leader, his wife and his henchmen during the six days in August of 1943. On the first floor are living room, waiting room, henchmen’s room, and meeting room. Another meeting room, confidential room, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are distributed on the second floor.

How to get to Xinglong Mountain

From Tianshui Road Bus Station in Lanzhou, one can take a bus to Yuzhong County in one hour, and then take bus line 6 or hail a taxi to the mountain within 15 minutes.
Admission Fee  Xinglong Hill: CNY 40; Qiyun Hill: CNY 40; House of Chiang Kai-shek: CNY 15; Xinglong Mountain Nature Museum: CNY 5; single trip of cable car: CNY 45
* Combo ticket of all above: CNY140
* Free for children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet).
Opening Hours  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
- Last updated on Dec. 15, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Xinglong Mountain
Asked by VinNew from MALAYSIA | Dec. 12, 2019 04:54Reply
Is it snowing in Lanzhou? I want to take my child to experience snow.
Never been to any snowing place, any suggestions if going in this coming Christmas?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 15, 2019 18:24

The chance of snow in Lanzhou in winter is very small. It is suggested to take your child to Harbin.
Asked by Fuad from MALAYSIA | Nov. 30, 2019 09:03Reply
Songmingyan International Ski Resort
Hai can i know how to go to Songmingyan International Ski Resort from Lanzhou , i heard that this place is big ,i dont want play ski but i want play others , i see on they website have ice bike , snowmobile , dog sled , snowball , cable car .

Thank You
Answers (1)
Answered by Pam from USA | Dec. 03, 2019 19:09

You can take tourist bus from Lanzhou Railway Station/Gansu Museum/Jincheng Park and some other places.
Asked by Mona from MALAYSIA | Oct. 19, 2019 08:52Reply
Is the a place for snow on nov in lanzhou daughter want to see snow is there any place for skiing or snow on nov and a place to stay around the mountain.
I be going there on 10-17Nov
Answers (1)
Answered by Ada from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 21, 2019 19:08

You can go to Wuqiaoling Ski resort. Generally speaking, there is high chance to expect snow weather in December.
Asked by alfi from MALAYSIA | Oct. 11, 2019 01:27Reply
How to go Xinglong shan Ski Field
Hi..I want to know how to go Xinglong Shan Ski Field from Lanzhou Railway Station by bus or if I take the taxi how much the fares?

In addition, how much the entrance fee, and the fee for skiing activities. I am planning to Lanzhou on this Dec.

Answers (1)
Answered by Christopher from GERMANY | Oct. 11, 2019 19:10

1. From the railway station, take bus no.902 to Yuzhong Coach Station and transfer to bus no. Yuzhong 5 to County Hospital. Then take bus no. Yuzhong 6 to Xinglong Village. Walk south around 600 meters to find the destination.

2. The fare is CNY 108 to CNY 168. For the fee of skiing activites, you can see the detailed price list when you arriving there.
Have a nice journey!
Asked by Monika from POLAND | Apr. 23, 2018 06:15Reply
How long is that trekking on Xinglong Mountain? Is that a place for a whole day trip from Lanzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kayla from SINGAPORE | Apr. 23, 2018 22:31

It takes about 3h and yes, that needs a day trip from LZ.
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