Gansu Provincial Museum

Ancient Painted Pottery, Gansu Provincial Museum
Painted Pottery, Gansu Provincial Museum
Located in Lanzhou City, the Gansu Provincial Museum is the biggest comprehensive museum in the province. It is one of the best sights in the city and a visit is well worthwhile. Built in 1956, the museum covers a total area of 18,000 square meters (about 4 acres). Designed by the soviet experts, this museum will provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience.

Gansu Provincial Museum is divided into two sections-natural resources and historic exhibits.

Historical Exhibits

It houses collections of various color-painted potteries of Neolithic Age and treasures of ancient grottoes. In addition, the museum is home to precious linen and silk fabrics, books, wooden and bronze vessels, a great many bamboo slips for writing from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220), frescos and so many other items.

Natural Exhibits

A 4-meter-tall Mammoth fossil replica is stored in Gansu Provincial Museum whose remains were excavated from the Yellow River basin in 1973. Aside from the prehistoric presentations, there are also rare animal exhibits, such as pandas, golden monkeys and red -crowned cranes.

Galloping Horse's Hoof Stepped on a Flying Swallow

The world-famous bronze Galloping Horse's Hoof Stepped on a Flying Swallow, also named as Galloping Horse, is a treasure of Gansu Provincial Museum. Excavated in 1969 in Wuwei County, Gansu Province, the piece depicts a vigorous horse with long tail waving and head perking. Its three hooves are in the air, galloping like lightening. What makes this sculpture amazing is the right back hoof of this galloping horse lands on the back of a small flying bird. The bird turns in surprise to look at the big creature on its back. At the same moment, the horse's head also turns slightly in attempt to know what has happened. The whole statue is honored as the mysterious and rare treasure in the history of Chinese ancient sculpture art.
Tri-color figure: Ethinic Hu People pull horses
Tri-color figure: Ethinic Hu People pull horses
A framework of an elephant in the Gansu Provincial Museum
A framework of an elephant

How to get to Gansu Provincial Museum

1. Take Jincheng Sightseeing Bus to Shen Bowuguan (Gansu Provincial Museum).
2. Take Bus 1, 18, 31, 32, 50, 53, 58, 77, 106, 129, 136, 137 or 158 to Qilihe Qiao and you will see it.
Entrance Fee Free but visitors need to get the free tickets with their passports;
1,200 tickets are available in the morning and 800 in the afternoon.
Opening Hours 09:00-17:00 (Last entry at 16:00)
Closed on Mondays except public holidays.

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Questions & Answers on Gansu Provincial Museum
Asked by Bünzli from SWITZERLAND | Aug. 03, 2016 21:16Reply
What is the exact address of the Gansu Provincial museum in Lanzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Richard from CANADA | Aug. 03, 2016 22:06

It's located at No.3, West Xijin Road, Qilihe District.
Asked by Geke from NETHERLANDS | Sep. 21, 2015 05:49Reply
Could you please write the name of the bus stop near Gansu Provincial museum in Chinese?
I find it works best to show that to the bus driver.
Thanks in advance!
Answers (1)
Answered by Alan from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 21, 2015 20:28

The museum is located at No. 3 of West Xinjin Road, Qilihe District.
The bus No. 50, 1, 77, 53, 106 and 129 can lead to Qiliheqiao Bus Stop. (七里河桥公交站)
After that, walk west around 270 yards to find the destination.
Asked by Mr.aaron | Sep. 12, 2010 05:39Reply
Thank you Sandy,

I was hoping to hire a translator or tour guide in Lanzhou for a 2-4 days starting this Friday. Any recommendations/suggestions?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sandy from CHINA | Sep. 12, 2010 21:19

Sorry, Aaron. Can not help with this. Perhaps you can consider to arrange this through a travel agent.
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