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Famed as 'China's Green Capital', Nanning is truly a garden city with charming natural subtropical scenery. Green mountains, winding rivers, exquisite lakes as well as a city full of verdant trees and fragrant flowers form a tourist mecca. People of Zhuang and other ethnic groups live here, adding colorful folk cultures to the city's glamour. To explore in and around this attractive city, visitors may refer to the following two routes.


Route No. 1

Guangxi Museum - Nanhu Lake Park - Mt.Qingxiu - Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley
Guangxi Museum
Location: East of Min Zu Square in the center of Nanning City
Description: Famous for its great collections of ancient bronze drums that date back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC). The Guangxi Ethnic Relics Centers in the museum shows the characteristic architecture, clothes and customs of the eleven ethnic groups, especially the Zhuang ethnic group living in Guangxi Province.

Nanhu Lake Park
Location: Southeast of the city
Description: An above-water paradise with different kinds of cruise ships, scenery viewing bridges and modern entertainment facilities. Nanhu Lake is surrounded with typical subtropical plants such as palms, punkas and pinangs. In the lakeside parks, music fountains, water screen films as well as a colorful lamps scene attract a continuous stream of locals and tourists.

Another place of interest near Nanhu Lake Park is Jinhuacha Park. Take bus 72 to reach this beautiful place, which offers attractions for kids, green spaces, wood terraces, restaurants and nice scenic spots. It is ideal to escape from the noise of the city. The entrance is free.

Mt. Qingxiu
Location: No.19, Qing Shan Rd., southeast of the Nanning City
Description: A national AAAA tourist resort. Visiting it is among the top things to do in Nanning. Evergreen trees, strange stones and pure springs on the hill provide a natural environment for sightseeing and relaxation. The Dragon Elephant Pagoda and other cultural relics make the mountain even more intriguing. There are also the world's largest Cycad Garden, the Grand Tropical Rainforest Garden and the Palm Tree Garden worth exploring.

Lake Park. Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley
Location: Nan Wu Street, northeast of the city, about 13 kilometers (about eight miles) from the International Convention& Exhibition Center
Description: A recreational center based on relaxing, comforting hot springs. Take your choice of Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Thai, Turkish, or Jordanian hot spring bathing styles - or try all of them. (Tips on Hot Spring for your reference) There are also interesting above-water games such as disco, drift and sliding board as well as mysterious Mayan carvings. The hydropathics and tea houses, full of traditional Chinese atmosphere, are certainly worth trying, too.


Route No.2

Yangmei Ancient Town-Liangfengjiang National Forest Park-Da Wang Tan Reservoir Scenic Area
Yangmei Ancient Town
Location: west of Yong Xin District, about 38 kilometers (about 24 miles) away from the center of Nanning City
Description: An ancient town of thousands of years. Built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the town has kept well the ancient architecture, streets and unsophisticated folkways. The three food treasures popular with tourists are preserved salted vegetables, fermented beans and ground rice cakes.

Liangfengjiang National Forest Park
Location: You Yi Road, South of the city
Description: A national AAA tourist resort, called 'Natural Oxygen Bar' because of its humid air and beautiful scenery. The Banyan Garden, Botanic Garden, Butterfly Specimen & Grotesque Stone Museum, together with colorful amusement facilities, offer you an ideal vacation resort.

Da Wang Tan Reservoir Scenic Area
Location: about 28 kilometers (about 17 miles) away from the city center in south suburb
Description: Also called Phoenix Lake. It functions to prevent flooding, provide water for irrigation, and generate electricity. The beautiful surroundings make it an enthralling tourist spot. The crystal blue lake is surrounded by lush hills and dotted by hundreds of indistinct little islands. When the sun sets, the lake is covered with a golden veil. The scenery is so charming that it attracts many shutterbugs. There are also vacation villages, gyms and many kinds of above-water activities to enrich your vacation life.


Gems in Nearby counties

Yiling Yan Rock Cave
Location: in Wu Ming county, about 18 kilometers (about 11 miles) away from Nanning City
Description: A karst landscape formed about one million years ago. The cave looks like a huge trumpet shell and is divided into three layers. Rocks pose in thousands of shapes along the flexuous cave path, leading you to a mysterious world.

Mt. Dragon & Tiger
Location: in Long An county, about 83 kilometers (about 52 miles) away from the city
Description: One of the four monkey mountains in China. Thousands of monkeys and their troupe leaders greet their guests while playing among mountain trees. Playing with them will draw you back to your childhood.

Nine Dragon Waterfalls
Location: in Heng Xi'an county, about 90 kilometers (about 56 miles) away from the city
Description: The most spectacular tourist place in this 'Capital of Jasmine Tea'. It is located in a national forest park where valleys and streams form grand waterfall scenery. The ancient sand hills and strange cliffs add more interest to the attraction of the waterfalls.

Mt. Daming
Location: in Shang Lin county, about 130 kilometers (about 81 miles) from Nanning City
Description: One of the most famous mountains in Guangxi. Twisted clouds, winding streams, green cedars and thick forests make a fairy land and rare ecological tourist resort. The scenery varies with the change of seasons but never loses its beauty all year long. It is also the outdoor location of many films.

Detian Waterfall Scenic Area
Location: in Da Xin county, about 140 kilometers (about 87 miles) from the city
Description: The world's second largest trans-border waterfall, bridging China and Vietnam. From a distance, the three-step waterfall is just like a string of pearls set among thick green mountains. The 80 meter (about 262 feet) vertical drop makes a thunderous sound that can be heard for miles. Layers of terraces, tranquil rivers, mysterious above-water stone forests, together with the rich flavor of frontier folk culture, will impress you deeply and leave you with sweet memories.

 Rock Paintings of Mountain Huashan
Location: in Ning Ming county, about 160 kilometers (about 99 miles) away from the city
Description: The art treasure of the Zhuang ethnic minority group. The murals on the cliff of Mt. Huashan were drawn by the ancient Zhuang people over 2,000 years ago. Thousands of vivid human and animal drawings in various postures are presented on the large mural. The uncomplicated drawing method and simple sketches show the sensibilities of the Zhuang people.

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Questions & Answers on Nanning Attractions
Asked by Doreen lim from SINGAPORE | Jun. 13, 2019 16:13Reply
Which hotel to stay in city of nanning?
My Husband and me go to the city in July. We are more interested to try the local cuisine. Can you recommend places for local food. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 13, 2019 18:59

You can visit Zhongshan Road Snacks Market, Jianzheng Road and Water Street. You can stay near the Zhongshan Rd. The Yongjiang Hotel at No.1 Linjiang Road, Qingxiu District is recommended. It is a 5-star hotel and costs about CNY400-600 per night.
Asked by ELI from ISRAEL | Dec. 30, 2018 22:54Reply
how can i go from nanning to the yangmei ancient town?
Answers (1)
Answered by Christian from GERMANY | Jan. 02, 2019 00:11

Take a coach from Jiangnan Bus Station to take Nanning-Baise Line, and get off in the halfway at Yangmei. The bus schedules are from 07:30 to 12:00. The ticket fare is CNY75/80 per person. Then hire a private car to the scenic area.
Asked by Kevin from MALAYSIA | Nov. 04, 2018 01:22Reply
Kindly advise what transport to take from Nanning Railway station (Chaoyang Road)
to this Jiahecheng Hot spring valley? TQ
Answers (1)
Answered by Uuli from USA | Nov. 06, 2018 17:55

Walk about 7 minutes from the railway station to Huadong Chaoyang Road Crossing to take the bus No.606. And get off at Kunlun Jiahecheng Road Crossing. Then walk about 7 minutes to the spring valley.
Asked by calvin from BRUNEI | Oct. 01, 2018 03:40Reply
can anyone tell me how long is the duration from Nanning to Shenzhen by high speed train?
Answers (2)
Answered by Care from USA | Oct. 08, 2018 19:39

The duration is about 4 - 4.5 hours. BTW, you can book the train tickets on this website.
Answered by calvin from BRUNEI | Oct. 12, 2018 00:12

Thank you Care for your information about the duration from Nanning to Shenzhen by high speed train it took 4 to 5 hour
Asked by SASIPASH | Oct. 17, 2016 01:14Reply
Where can I buy 2 days tour to Tongling Grand Canyon and Detian?
I, my wife and 4 years girl will go to Nanning on 23 Oct and would like to go Tongling Grand Canyon and detain on 24-25 Oct

1. Where I can buy 2 days tour? I can not speak Chinese.
2. On the first night 23 Oct, which area I should book hotel near transport to Tingling (because 24 will go out early)
3 on night 24, which area of hotel I should book?
Please answer
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from USA | Oct. 18, 2016 03:14

You can join a two-day tour through your hotel.

You may stay at Jinhua Hotel at No. 1, Dongge Road, Xingning District. It is to the opposite of Minzu Square. A standard room costs about CNY 300 per night. The reservation hotline is 86-0771-2088888. On the next morning, you can take a direct bus to Tongling Grand Canyon from Minzu Square. The bus departs at 07:00 by the way.

On the night of October 24th, you can stay at the hostels at the canyon. Just walk in and check in. :)
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