Top 8 Things to Do in Nanning

Nanning, capital of Guangxi, is famous for subtropical scenery, diverse culture of ethnic groups and delicious food. Thus, when planning things to do in Nanning, tourists should set aside time for both natural attractions, such as the Mt. Qingxiu and Detian Waterfall, and ancient towns, such as Yangmei and Qingwafang. In addition, Nanning Zoo and Zhongshan Road are recommended to those traveling with children and gourmets respectively.

With mountains stretching for miles, Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area is a natural oxygen bar for people to get close to nature. Many tourists would climb to the Longxiang Tower on the peak to enjoy the panorama of green mountains and peaceful Yongjiang River. One may also go to the Thailand Garden or the International Garden to feast eyes with unique flowers, plants and statues of Southeast Asian nations. The best time to visit Mt. Qingxiu is Mar. to May, when the mountain slopes are decorated with magnolia, cherry and peach blossoms. It is Okay if you come at other times, because rare cycad palms and rainforest landscape are available all year around.
Nanhu Lake Park is a good place to enjoy subtropical scenery. Lush vegetation, mainly Chinese fan palms and areca palms, is sure to ease your mind. Moreover, three zones inside are really worth visiting, including the Chinese Herbs Garden, Magnolia Garden and Bonsai Garden. Since Nanhu Lake occupies more than half area of the park, activities such as boating and fishing are very popular. If you travel to this city around the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival or other public holidays in China, visiting this park will be a more worthwhile Nanning thing to do, for you could enjoy firework show, lantern show or water curtain movie.

Anthropology Museum of Guangxi

A visit to the Anthropology Museum of Guangxi is a gainful Nanning activity, as tourists could know the history and culture of twelve native ethnic groups, such as Zhuang, Yao, Dong and Maonan. First, tourists may see various bronze drums on the second floor. Since it has long been the main musical instrument of local people, this museum boasts the largest amount and type of bronze drums in the world. Then, one may go to the third floor to see “Colorful Guangxi” exhibition. Models of folk residence, traditional clothes, and articles for daily use etc. let people know the life of ethnic minorities in a vivid and comprehensive way. Since this museum is very close to Mt. Qingxiu, tourists could schedule these two attractions on one trip.

Taste Local Food at Zhongshan Road

When tourists list what to do in Nanning China, tasting local foods should not be forgotten. Zhongshan Road, the most popular food street in Nanning, is the first place to go and can meet the demands of gourmets from across the world. Among all sorts of delicacies, Old Friend Rice Noodles (lǎo yǒu fěn) is strongly recommended. With pickled bamboo shoots and fermented soybeans inside, Old Friend Rice Noodles features spicy and sour flavor, and the fragrance can instantly arouse your appetite. Other than that, rice dumpling, lemon duck, water chestnut cake, and pickled vegetables or fruits are all worth trying. Since many stores are open until midnight, Zhongshan Road is a good place to experience Nanning nightlife, too.

A Side Trip to Detian Waterfall  

If time permits, tourists may travel to Chongzuo, 160km (100mi) west of downtown Nanning, to see No. 1 transnational waterfall in Asia, Detian Waterfall. Situated at the Sino-Vietnam boundary, this three-tier waterfall is over 200m (220yd) wide and 60m (200ft) high, very magnificent and worth visiting, so listed as one of the top things to do in Nanning China. If you want to take nice photos of it, you may get to the hillside boardwalk on the opposite. For people who want to closely feel the torrent and splash, they may take a raft on the river. After that, tourists could go west to the No. 53 boundary marker and take a walk. Many Vietnamese vendors sell cigarette, perfume, coffee and dried fruits here.

Yangmei Ancient Town

Yangmei Ancient Town is a recommended thing to do in Nanning for tourists interested in historical sites. It is famous for well-preserved buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911). Many quaint alleys, residences and temples etc. are neatly arranged along the Qing Dynasty Street, which fulfill people’s curiosity about ancient Nanning. Then, one may walk to the Jinma Quay to buy souvenirs or try Yangmei specialties. Zuojiang Fish cooked here tastes very refreshing. When the sun is setting, tourists could go to the bend of the Zuojiang River and take photos, when the waterscape is very attractive against orange sunlight.

Nanning Zoo

In Nanning, what to do with kids? A visit to Nanning Zoo will never go wrong. Cute animals such as dolphin, elephant, gibbon, black leave monkey, giraffe, penguin and kangaroo will easily cheer the kids up. Since Nanning Zoo is also an amusement park with roller coaster, mega drop and swing hammer, both adults and children could have fun. What is more, Nanning Zoo is a very popular place every summer, because the Caribbean Waterpark inside is open and people could try various water recreations.

Qingwafang Ancient Village

Qingwfang Ancient Village is known for Anhui style architecture built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to the last century. Quaint brick residences, stone arch bridge, waterwheel, bamboo forest and red lanterns etc. are very attractive. Nevertheless, this village also provides tourists with many thrilling pastimes. One may play live counter strike, go karting, or go rock climbing. In Qingwafang, tourists should also try the banquet of Zhuang ethnic group (zhuàng wáng yàn), which features ten different dishes being served in one big copper plate.
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