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 Yueyang Pavilion
 Dongting Lake
 Junshan Island
Yueyang is a splendid city with a 2,500-year history resulting in a rich heritage of cultural relics and inspiring landscapes. Notable among these are the Yueyang Pavilion and Dongting Lake, both of which are 'National Key Tourist Attractions'.

Historic Relics

 Yueyang Pavilion - The Yueyang Pavilion (Yueyang Lou) is located above the city's Western Gate with Dongting Lake located in the west. Its architecture is very special because the whole building is made of wood and not brick or stone, with just four pillars to support the entire structure. Over the centuries, many famous people have left their mark here such as the famous politician and writer Fan Zhongyan (989-1052) who lived during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).
Many historic sites lie alongside the Miluo River, which is located on the east side of Dongting Lake. The famous patriot Qu Yuan who lived between 340 BC and 278 BC during the Warring States Period is worthy of mention here as he finally plunged himself into the Miluo River. The Quyuan Tomb and Quzi Temple are top destinations among the cultural relics left in this area. Each year people along the Miluo River hold a grand Dragon Boat Race in memory of Qu Yuan during the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.
The newly discovered Zhang Guying Village is an ancient architectural cluster built over 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is located at the foot of Bijia Mountain in the mountainous Weidong area east of Yueyang County and is 73 kilometers (about 45 miles) from the downtown area of Yueyang City. Enjoying the fame as the 'Folk Imperial Palace' and 'First Village under the Sun', Zhang Guying Village covers an area of 50,000 square meters (about 12 acres) featuring carved pictures on surface of the building, a zigzag laneway and the occult dooryard. The architectural style imparts an air of mystery.

Natural Landscape

 Dongting Lake - Dongting Lake is the second 'must-see' tourist destination located southwest of downtown Yueyang. Its beauty lies in the width of the water surface. This is especially so at dusk when nocturnes are sung under the moon from fishermen's boats, giving rise to a sense of romance and poetry! Junshan Island in the lake faces Yueyang Lou (Pavilion). Here visitors can discover many small pavilions, ancestral temples and a number of wells. Varieties of bamboo and tea plants grow profusely on the island thanks to its rich soil, mild climate and plentiful rainfall. The characteristic green tea produced here is Junshan Yinzhen Tea, a tea that enjoys a great reputation both home and abroad. The Dongting Gold Tortoise is a small creature native to the Island, and good for medicinal purposes.
The Nanhu Lake located at the southern suburb of Yueyang City has an area of 20 square kilometers (about 8 square miles) and connects with Dongting Lake in the west. Nanhu Lake is newly developed as one of China's water sports venues and here tourists can find aquatic amenities that include a showboat, motorboats and water bicycles. Notable landmarks are the historic Song Dynasty Sanyan Bridge located at the eastern end of the lake, and the scenic Longshan (Dragon Mountain) and Guishan (Tortoise Mountain) on the south side. Nanhu Lake is the venue for the International Dragon Boat Festival, a major annual event that is a great attraction.

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Questions & Answers on Yueyang Attractions
Asked by Callista from UK | Jun. 09, 2016 05:49Reply
Can I visit these 5 places in 1 day?
Hello, I would like to see Yueyang Tower & Dongting Lake
Then which of these can I also visit in the 1 day:
--Jin'e Shan Sheng'an she (temple)
--Junshan island
--Wild lotus reserve
Can you also advise on the transportation for the above attractions and also roughly the time needed to spend on these attractions.
Which one should I visit first and followed by which ones next?
Thank you very much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jerome from FINLAND | Jun. 11, 2016 02:37

Well, one day is not enough to cover these places. Thus you are suggested to just tour around the Tower first, then Junshan Island and Dongting Lake finally.
From the Tower to Junshan Island, you can take public bus no.25, get off at Junshan Park. Then walk southwest around 1.5 miles (2.5km). Junshan Island is just a part of the lake. After touring around, you can hire a private car to appreciate the impressive scenery of East Dongting Lake.
Asked by Callista from UK | Jun. 08, 2016 00:15Reply
Please can you tell me how far is Qu Yuan Tomb and Qu Yuan Ancestral House from Miluo train station?
What is the best transport to take? How long to get there and the cost?
Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jonas from USA | Jun. 11, 2016 02:29

The distances is about 10 miles (16km). The transportation is quite convenient. You can easily find direct shuttle buses that run to Quyuan Ancestral House from Miluo Train Station. I remember that the interval is about 20 mins. The ticket fare is about CNY 6 per person. It takes around 30mins.
Or from the train station, you can also take a taxi to the destination. The duration is about 20 mins. It costs CNY 30-40 for the single trip in usual time.
Asked by Soe from UK | May. 08, 2016 14:46Reply
What is the date of the Dragon boat race in Miluo river this year and how many days are the races?
Please advise: (I have quite a few questions to ask as I would really love to see the Dragon boat race and join in this festival ceremony event in remembering Qu Yuan). Thanks.

1) What is the actual date of the Dragon boat race in Miluo river and does the race go on for a few days? Which is the specific day to go?
2) I arrive at Yueyang Hotel (West Zhanqian Road) at about 10:20 in the morning on 9th June and I stay for 3 nights. When should I go to Miluo?
3) Do I travel to Miluo railway station or to Miluo East station for the Dragon boat race. Then how do I get to the river site for the race. Is there a worship ceremony to Qu Yuan before the boat race?
4) At what time does the race start and how many hours does the race go on for?
5) I would appreciate any further advice you may have regarding this Dragon boat race so I can join in the festival events. If I am not in time to go to the Miluo river race, is there also a Dragon boat race somewhere near the hotel and how do I get there, the time to get there and how much would it cost.

Thank you so, so very much!

Answers (1)
Answered by Jocey from CHINA | May. 08, 2016 21:08

1.The official arrangements of the race have not been published. But according to the routine, it will be held around the Dragon Boat Festival, lasting 2-3 days. Based on the calendar, the race of 2016 shall be held around Jun. 9-11.
2 & 4: I suggest you spend a day in YY City and head for Miluo in the next early morning. Usually the race starts around 09:00 and lasts at least a whole morning.
3.You should go to Miuo Rail Station which is much closer. After getting there, take a taxi to the race site. But I have no idea if there will be any worship ceremony.
5. I am afraid there seems no boat race in the city. The most famous one is on Miluo and another one is at Xiangyin County, which is farther thanMiluo.
Hope help!
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