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Yueyang Sanhe Airport in Sanhe Town is about 18km (11mi) to the downtown area. Now it has direct flights to about 15 domestic cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Xi'an... To travel between the airport and downtown, passengers can take city bus and taxi.


Yueyang Railway Station located in Zhanqian Road has daily trains to Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Guilin, and Nanning. The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Line passes by it, thus it is convenient for visitors traveling from the city to the north or the south of China. Public buses No.5, 15, 17, 36 can take visitors to the railway station. In addition, there are many trains operating between Changsha and Yueyang in a day and the whole journey takes about 1.5 hours.

Railway Station Enquiry: 0730-3241122
Railway Station Ticket-Booking: 0730-1601600


Yueyang City is beside Dongting Lake and near the Yangtze River; so the passenger transport by water is convenient. Chenglingji Port is the biggest port in Hunan Province and from Yueyang, visitors can take ships to reach Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc. Public bus No.22 can take tourists to Chenglingji Port.

Behind Yueyang Pavilion and in Nanyue Po area there is another port called Port of Yueyang for passenger transport and tourists can take ships to visit Junshan Island. Public bus No.29, 9, 10, 22, 24, 31, 33 can drive tourists to this port.

And there are still two scheduled sea routes departing from this port to Yuanjiang and Bailuo:
to Yuanjiang: departing at 08:00
Berths along the journey: San Liu Hu (11:20), Xing Fu Gang (11:50), Nan Da He (12:20), Si Hu Shan (12:40), Zhong Ma Tou (13:15), Huang Mao Hu (14:30), Cao Wei (15:30), Yuanjiang (17:35)
to Bailuo: departing at 09:30

Long-distance Bus

From Changsha, visitors can take the long-distance bus in Changsha East Bus Station; the bus leaving for Yueyang departs every 30 minutes from 07:20 to 18:00. There are more than two long-distance bus stations in Yueyang, but Yueyang Bus Station and Dongting Bus Station are considered as the two main bus stations.

The coach bus in Yueyang Bus Station located at Baling Road (Middle) is mainly to the destinations within Hunan: Pingjiang, Miluo, Changsha, Xiangtan, etc. and outside Hunan: Qingdao, Shanghai, Zhanjiajie, etc.
To Changsha: 07:00-18:00 one shift every an hour
Ticket fare: CNY32/CNY55 per person
To Pingjiang: 07:20, 07:50, 08:30, 09:10, 09:50, 10:40, 11:10, 11:40, 13:30, 15:30, 16:30
Ticket fare: CNY35 per person
To Miluo: 07:20-17:00 one shift every 20 minutes
Ticket fare: CNY16 per person
To Xiangtan: 07:50, 10:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30
Ticket fare: CNY42/CNY52 per person

Dongting Bus Station is located at Dongting Avenue which is 500 meters (about 0.3 miles) from Dongting Lake Bridge. Destinations like Yichang anf Jingzhou of Hubei as well as Changde, Zhangjiajie and Huarong in Hunan could be reached from this station. Tourists can take the public buses No.35, 37 to arrive at this station.

In another station called Wulipai Shehui Bus Station, there are coach buses mainly to the places around Yueyang City including some scenic areas:
To Nanhu Lake: 12:00
To Miluo: 09:30
To Zhang Guying Village: 07:00-16:30 with one shift every 15 minutes

Besides the above ones, passengers can also take long-distance bus at the Yueyang Railway Station. There are scheduled runs between Yueyang and many other cities in China like Zhanjiang and Zhuhai of Guangdong, Xi'an of Shaanxi, Qingdao of Shandong as well as Chongqing and Jinzhoug in Hubei.


In Yueyang there are about 42 bus lines running regularly day and night. Here are some stops of the useful lines:

No.10 Yueyang Pavilion →Nan Yue Po→Qiao Xi→Lianyun Mansion→Kangyue Huayuan→Yuefang Tielu Qiao (Bridge)
Working hours: 06:00-22:00
No.22 Desheng Men→Qiao Xi→Nan Yue Po→Yueyang Pavilion→Dongting Yudu→Dongting Bridge→Port of Chenglingji→The First People's Hospital→Yueyang Railway Station
Working hours: 05:50-20:00
No.29 International Mansion→Yueyang Railway Station→Yueyang Pavilion→ Port of Yueyang
Working hours: 06:00-21:00
No.33 Kangyue Huayuan→Xin Lu Kou→Wu Li Pai→International Mansion→Dongfeng Square →Nan Yue Po→Yueyang Pavilion
Working hours: 06:00-22:00


Commuting by taxi is convenient in the city. Usually the taxi fare in town won’t exceed CNY20. The starting charge is CNY6 for the first 1.2 mi (2 km) in the daytime and CNY7 during nighttime (22:00 – 05:00 the next day). For the succeeding distance, it costs CNY2 for every additional 0.6 mi (1 km) during the day and CNY2.4 at night.

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Questions & Answers on Yueyang Transportation
Asked by Joep from THE NETHERLANDS | Aug. 04, 2017 07:33Reply
Wulingyuan to Yueyang
How do I get from wulingyuan or zhangjiajie to Yueyang (preferably without having to book tickets in advance)?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from USA | Aug. 06, 2017 22:16

You are suggested to take the long distance bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station, which departs at 8:30. It takes CNY130 and 3h 30 minutes.
Asked by Callista from UK | Jun. 05, 2016 15:42Reply
How to get to Zhangguying Village from West Zhanqian Road in Yueyang.
Hello, please can you tell me:
1) How long would it take to get there?
2) Does the transport run often?
3) Roughly how long needed to spend time there?

Thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Angela from ITALY | Jun. 06, 2016 03:10

Walk south for about 300 yards to Middle Baling Road, and turn left. Walk east for about 400 yards to Wulipai Bus Station. Then, you can take a bus to Zhangguying Village. The trip takes about 1.5 hours. The frequency is about 30 minutes. You may spend 2 or 3 hours there.
Answered by Callista | Jun. 11, 2016 22:55

Thank you very much Angela for answering my question (6th June) on the transport to Zhang Village. I was in a hurry and had a very quick look at your reply. So yes, it is 'thumbs up' for your reply.
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