Dining in Yueyang

Yueyang is adjacent to Dongting Lake so of course aquatic food is a feature of the local cuisine. Compared with fish from the sea, the fresh water fish from the lake tends to be more flavorsome. The whitebait that inhabits in the water around the lake's Junshan Island is a top-grade fish, which is high in protein and very nourishing. The Baling Fish Feast is a way to sample the variety of fish from Dongting Lake, such as the Steamed Fish and Catfish Roasted in a Bamboo Tube that both form part of the feast are recommended.

Dongting preserved mallard is very famous in Dongting Lake area. The mallard living in Dongting Lake is excellent for making this dish that includes ingredients such as cress, ginger and sesame oil, and compares favorably with the very popular Beijing Roast Duck.

Sliced Chicken with Junshan Yinzhen Tea-leaf is another nationally-famous dish which can compare fame with the Longjing Stir-fried Shrimp. Junshan Yinzhen Tea is fragrant and sweet in taste and said to have the capacity for soothing the nerves as well as being an aid to the digestive system. The dish is stir-fried resulting in the chicken becoming tender and fragrant. It is popular among the expats.

Cu Shui (vinegar liquor) Bean Curd is made from the choice soy bean and its high protein content means it is popular with vegetarians. Another bean curd is called Changshou (longevity) Wuxiang (spiced) Bean Curd. This is added to chicken soup, together with sesame oil and other spices and is really tasty.

Shrimp Cake is the local snack around Dongting Lake made from flour paste and shrimp that is crisp and flavorful. Another snack called Shixing Glutinous Rice Cake is also very tasty, and made from choice sticky rice. In Shixing Village of Xixiang Town, Pingjiang County located to the northeast of Yueyang City, it is custom during the Spring Festival celebrations for people to make this rice cake named after their village by pounding the rice with a mallet and then cooking it by either frying or roasting.

Jin Xiang Yuan Restaurant
Recommendations: Yueyang local dishes, Braised Catfish in Casserole, Steamed Turtle
Business Hours: 10:00-21:00
Bus Route: No.21, 41, 24, 27
Address: Jin E Road (East)

Nanxian Donkey Meat Restaurant
Recommendations: fresh donkey meat
Business Hours: 09:00-21:00
Address: Jianxiang Road
Bus route: No.37, 10, 41, 6, 35, 33

Tai Yan Shen (Apollo) One Restaurant
Working Hours: 09:00-21:00
Address: at the right of Gezi (pigeon) Square and east gate of Jin E Company

 Western-style Food Restaurant
Man De Fu Western Fast-Food Restaurant
Recommendations: hamburger fried chicken
Working Hours: 09:00-22:30
Address: around the frontispiece of Yueyang Changlian Middle School

Golden Wall Street Restaurant
Working Hours: 10:00-01:00 (next day)
Address: beside the Steel Products Market, Jianxiang Road (North), Yueyang Lou District

Duo Xi Lai Cake House
Working Hours: 08:00-24:00
Address: No.9 Jingyuan Commercial Square, Jin E Road (Middle)

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Asked by Terri from USA | Sep. 15, 2019 15:02Reply
What are the best streets or best districts for street food in Yueyang?
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Answered by Brock from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 18, 2019 19:55

You can go to Dongmaoling Walking street to taste some local restaurants and snacks.
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