Yueyang Shopping

Junshan Yinzhen Tea, highly regarded ever since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and produced on Junshan Island of Dongting Lake in Yueyang, is noted for its golden color and fresh taste. It is interesting to know that after it is infused, the tealeaves are shaped like a pen suspended upside down in the water. For those who like drinking Chinese tea, this is a good choice when in Yueyang.

Hunan Lotus Seed is another famous local product in Yueyang. It has two types: white lotus seed and red lotus seed. White lotus seed is the top grade among all the lotus seeds and can be used to make a kind of soup called Lotus Seedpod with Crystal Sugar, which is one of the best soups in a Yueyang feast. Tourists can buy it and enjoy at home. Rich protein, vitamin, calcium and phosphor are contained in Hunan Lotus Seed and are beneficial to people's health.

Turtle and Snake Wine is the famous Yueyang wine, which is brewed from fragrant sticky rice, sweet and sour water from the well, Dongting Gold Tortoise, coral snake together with traditional Chinese herbal medicines like angelica and medlar. It contains much protein and other nutrients that are said to ensure longevity. You should always make sure how much you are allowed to take on a plane or train when buying wine.

Yuezhou Feather Fan is a famous local handicraft of Yueyang and is praised as one of the 'three-sisters-fan' along with the Suzhou Fan and Hangzhou Fan. Having hundreds of years' history, Yuezhou Feather Fan now has a series in excess of 200 such as paper fan, feather fan, thin silk fan, bone fan, palace fan, fan cap, scented wood fan, etc. Yuezhou Feather Fan is made from the feathers of wild geese, swans or cranes and painted in varied colors. The fan handle is carved with delicate designs such as the beautiful landscape (Junshan Island, Yueyang Pavilion, etc), historic sites or legendary figures. The fan pendant is often made of the jade making the item more elegant.

Yuezhou Porcelain is one of the six famous porcelains during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Made from high-quality kaolin it succeeds to the merit of the ancient celadon. Yuezhou Porcelain has fresh green color and gentle luster with relief decorations in a unique Chinese national style.

Chuanshan Brush Pen is a local product of Chuanshan Ping Town of Miluo City. The Weasel Hair Brush Pen and Goat Hair Brush Pen are the two main kinds of the calligraphic writing brush. Other brush pens like the Encaustic Brush Pen are also very popular. For those who are interested in Chinese calligraphy, these pens are undoubtedly good options.

Where to Buy

Zhou Da Fu Shopping Center
Address: on the first floor of Wushang Yueyang Shopping Center, Dongmaoling Shopping Walk Street

Jiu Zhou Department Store
Working hours: 24 hours
Address: Yueyang Shopping Walk Street, Yueyang Lou District

Zu (bamboo) Mu (wood) Teng Cao (vine) Arts and Crafts Shop
Commodities: bibelot made of bamboo and wood, woven women's bags and hats, rattan furniture
Address: No.71024, Taihe Wal-Mart Arts and Crafts Square, Zhanqian Road

Tiantian Embroidery Shop
Commodities: embroidery and printed handicrafts
Address: Xueyuan Road

Wal-Mart Supercenter
Working hours: 24 hours
Address: Baling Avenue, Yueyang Lou District
Bus Route: No.19, 29

Shanghai Ruhai Supermarket (Chenglingji Shop)
Commodities: daily necessity
Working hours: 24 hours
Address: Guihuayuan Road, Chenglingji Harbor area

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