Yunlong Lake

Located southwest from downtown Xuzhou, Yunlong Lake is comparatively speaking the “Sister Lake of West Lake in Hangzhou” on account of its attractive lake scenery. The lake is bound by mountains on three sides. To its east side is the famous Yunlong Mountain. The Yunlong Lake is dissected by a road in the middle which looks like a jade belt, resulting in East Lake and West Lake. Visitors engage in water amusement and sightseeing in the East Lake Zone. The West Lake Zone offers visitors relaxation. The road circling the lake measures 14 kilometers (9 miles). Take a stroll, enjoy red peach blossoms and green willows in spring, pink lotus flowers in summer, colourful leaves in autumn and plum blossoms in winter, along with the rippling water. Yunlong Lake offers the following major attractions:

Lakeside Park

On the north side of Yunlong Lake, Lakeside Park is a belt-shaped ecological park and a great place to enjoy Yunlong Lake at a leisurely pace. The park houses a swimming pool with capacity for 10000. You may also play in the fine sand on the lakeside beach. At Lakeside New World a public square, a pedestrian street and art museum form an ecological leisure zone for amusement and shopping. Other components are Ruyi Lake, Ruyi Bridge, Children’s Amusement Park and Music Hall.

Small South Lake

Small South Lake is south of Yunlong Lake, stocked with plants, bridges, pavilions and many other structures of traditional southern China style. The outstanding ones are Qiuyun Park and Fanyue Bridge.

Qiuyun Park is a botanic park, where more than 50 species of plants like exuberant ornamental trees, shrubs and other ground cover plants are grown. In autumn, the leaves of tallow and maple trees turn into red, and Ginkgo leaves turn yellow, which form a beautiful yellow-red carpet on the land.

Fanyue Bridge is a corridor bridge of 80 meters (87 yards) span. Its shape is like a crescent moon. Standing on the bridge, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Small South Lake. Its distinction lies in 17 exquisite Xuzhou landscape paintings on the corridor roof.

Sunken Corridor

This is the longest and largest modern style sunken corridor in China. It is built in the water with the total length of 148 meters (161 yards) in the south of Yunlong Lake. From inside the sunken corridor, through the glass on both sides, you can see all kinds of fishes frolicking among the aquatic plants.

Yunlong Lake Water World

This is Asia's largest freshwater aquarium, standing in the middle island of Yunlong Lake. It appears like a huge whale splashing the water.

It presents two exhibition halls: Freshwater Fishes Hall and Marine Rare Creatures Specimens Hall. Freshwater Fishes Hall displays hundreds of rare species from 35 countries and regions worldwide, including the most precious animals in China, such as: Chinese sturgeon, Chinese alligator and giant salamander. In the Marine Rare Creatures Specimens Hall on exhibit are thousands of specimens of fish, turtles, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and corals.

There are also staged performances of: sea lion, seal and mermaid. The newly-built 4D Theater with advanced digital technology brings you into Dinosaurs’ Era and takes you underseas. You can interact with sea mammals. With the guidance of diving coach, you can dive into the submarine tunnel in diving gear and dance with sharks and turtles. Visiting the Water Park needs a ticket.

Sugong Tower

Sugong Tower sitting in the southeast bank of Yunlong Lake is built to commemorate the great Chinese poet Su Shi. It is an octagonal tower with five floors and golden glazed roof. Each floor has a viewing platform for visitors. Over the tower gate  three gilded characters “Su Gong Tower” and on both sides of the gate a pair of antithetical couplets set the theme. Going upstairs along the ladder, 35 marble carving paintings on the wall about Su Shi reflect upon Su Shi's simple and laborious life in Xuzhou.

How to Tour Yunlong Lake

1. By Cruise Boat: You can take a boat to tour the lake. The cost is CNY50/hour.
2. By Sightseeing Minibus: You can hail a sightseeing minibus along the lake shore. The ticket price is CNY20 and you can hop on hop off four times using the same ticket.
3. On Foot: You can track the 1-3 meters (1-3.2 yards) wide trail in the scenic zone to cover the whole lake.
4. By Cableway and Water-slide: You can experience the breathtaking water-slide, or take cableway on Yunlong Mountain to survey the Yunlong Lake. Both cost CNY60 per ride. On the Yunlong Mountain, there is also a observation platform.

How to get to Yunlong Lake

By Bus:
Take bus no. 9/55 to Lakeside Park East Gate Station.
Take bus no. 601 to Sports Center/ Lakeside Park North Gate/Quanshan Hospital/Yunlong Mountain Tunnel Station.
Take bus no. 47/63/ Tourism Line 2 to Yunlong Mountain Cableway/Jinshan Park Station

By Metro:
Take metro line 1 and get off at the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University Station, Exit 4. Then take a taxi to the scenic area. 
Ticket Price Yunlong Lake: Free

Yunlong Lake Water World: CNY60/ person
Free for children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) tall
Open Time All day

Nearby Attractions:
Yunlong Mountain
Quanshan National Forest Park
Xuzhou Museum
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