Daming Lake Park

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Located in the center of Jinan City, Daming Lake Park is regarded as one of the three must-see spots in Jinan (the others are Baotu Spring Park and Thousand-Buddha Mountain). The park is famous for Daming Lake (also known as the Lake of Great Light) which is a natural lake formed from many springs. Characteristically unique is its constant water level, unaffected by heavy rains or drought.

Daming Lake

Daming Lake Park covers a total area of 860,000 square meters (about 212 acres) of which the lake itself comprises of 460,000 square meters (about 113 acres). The six islands in Daming Lake contain flowers, trees and other plants flourishing amongst the various pavilions. The lake is a center of activity and one can find fish leaping near yachts and boats. In summer, lotuses bloom uninhibitedly filling half of Daming Lake Park with its fragrant scent. At the same time, willows circle the lake on three sides and swing with the breeze, a scene for which Daming Lake is famous. The centerpiece of the lake is a great man-made hectometer fountain built in 1985. The fountain has 103 injectors, and the main injector can spout water as high as 100 meters (about 328 feet) in all its majesty.

Tie Xuan Temple

At the northwest bank of the lake stands Tie Xuan Temple (Tie Gong Temple). Built in 1792, it is a memorial to an official of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Tie Xuan. He was a loyal military officer leading the army fighting for his emperor and local people, finally was killed cruelly after the failure. Admiring his heroic spirit and loyalty, the later generations built the temple. Tie Xuan Temple is a traditional courtyard in square shape. In the courtyard are Tie Xuan Temple, Small Canglang Pavilion, etc.
old style building
Pavilions in the Garden
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The Empeor's Prade

Beiji Temple

The largest Taoist Temple in Jinan City, Beiji Temple (North Pole Temple), also called North Temple is located at the northeast bank of Daming Lake. First built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), it has been restored many times. This group of constructions consists of the Bell and Drum Tower, the Front and Back Halls, and two other rooms. In the Front Hall, one will find the gilded statue of Zhenwu in the center (a Taoist god), and other 18 mud statues to represent the divinity of wind, thunder, etc.

Activities in Daming Lake Park

Because of both the exceptionally natural and man-made scenery, many festivals and activities take place in Daming Lake Park every year, including the Temple Fair in Spring Festival, the New Year Flower Exhibition, the Lotus Exhibition, different folk festivals, and a wonderful Stone Exhibition.

How to get to Daming Lake Park

By Bus

To the South Gate: Take Bus 11, K11, 41, K41, 507, K54, K95, K98, K109, or K170 to Daminghu (Daming Lake).
To the North Gate: Take bus 6, K6, 41, K41, 118, K118, BRT5, K30, K33, K45, K53, K83, or K122 to Daminghu Beimen.
To the Southwest Gate: Take bus 11, K11, 41, K41, 507, K54, K66, K91, K95, K98, K109, K170, You 777 or You 777 line 3 to Daminghu Xinanmen.
To the East Gate: Take bus 14, K14, 30, 31, K31, 41, K41, K30, K36, K46, or K83 to Daminghu Dongmen.
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By Cruise Boat

Take the sightseeing boat to Daminghu.
Entrance Fee Free
Chaoran Tower: CNY 40
Sightseeing car: CNY 30 per person
Sightseeing boat: CNY 10 per person
Opening Hours 5:00 - 22:00
Chaoran Tower: 8:00 - 17:00
Sightseeing boat: 7:00 - 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit 4-5h

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Questions & Answers on Daming Lake Park
Asked by love from MALAYSIA | Feb. 19, 2024 18:30Reply
Boat Available in Daming Lake end of February 2024?
others attraction in park open during winter?
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith | Feb. 19, 2024 19:59

Sightseeing boat service in Daming Lake is available in February 2024 but it may be stopped temporarily because of bad weather. Usually attractions in the park like Baotu Spring and Chaoran Tower open in the winter. But if coming across the snow and ice, the park and the attractions may be closed.
Asked by Ms.Nancy from VIETNAM | Mar. 16, 2011 05:53Reply
I will travel alone so can I share the boat with other tourists to cut down the cost? What will be include in the boat trip? How long it will take?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Zach | Mar. 17, 2011 21:56

You can only enjoy the landscapes in the boat, and there is no limit for the boat trip, since it is charged by duration now.
Answered by Linda Hall | Feb. 05, 2012 06:19

Damming Lake is nice.
The boat ride is also nice, it is not long it just goes around. As I love Boats and water, I would recommend to take the boat ride. But it is not like wow, it is just nice. I am living in Jinan and the nice thing is that their parks like Damming lake park and others are free and a get away from the noise of the street.
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