Ranking List of 4 Best Shaoxing Wines - Have You Ever Tried?

Shaoxing Wine, as the most famous Chinese yellow wine with over 2,500 year history, is abundant in its varieties. Yuanhong Wine, Huadiao Wine, Shanniang Wine and Snow Rice Wine are the best Shaoxing Wines, and they are also the representatives of the four yellow wine categories, dry yellow wine, half-dry yellow wine, semi-sweet yellow wine, and sweet yellow wine.

1. Yuanhong Wine

Yuanhong Wine is the representative of dry yellow wine and bulk products of Shaoxing Wine. This wine is completely fermented, contains less residual sugar with transparent and shiny color. It tastes mild and a little bit bitter, with sugar content of 4 - 8g every liter. The alcohol content is about 16~19%.

In ancient times, the people made yellow wine themselves without scientific guidance, so the quality was uneven. When they greeted the guests, they put their best Shaoxing wine in a jar painted red and made it look nice. Therefore, the meaning of Yuanhong is the best wine.

Huadiao Wine, also called Adding Rice Wine, is a famous brand in Shaoxing Wine. It is a typical representative of half-dry rice wine with a sugar content of about 15 - 30g every liter and alcohol content of about 15%. It is also called Adding Rice Wine because more rice and less water is used in the process of wine brewing.

Huadiao Wine is the wonder of Chinese yellow wine. The best glutinous rice, high-quality wheat starter and the clear lake water in Zhejiang are chosen as the brewing materials, and the ancient method is approached and then stored for a long time, producing a unique flavor and rich nutrition. According to scientific identification, Huadiao Wine contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins that are beneficial to the human body. The longer time it is stored, the tastier it is.

3. Shanniang Wine

Shanniang Wine, the double-brewed wine, has clear and dark yellow color and strong fragrance invented by a Chinese distillery in 1890. The alcohol content is 13.5-16.5% and the sugar content is about 50 - 70g every litter, which is the representative of semi-sweet rice wine. When brewing, Yuanhong Wine which is stored over one year is used instead of water, which gives it a rich and mellow aroma and special taste.

4. Xiangxue Wine

Xiangxue Wine is a high-end variety of Shaoxing Wine and a typical representative of sweet yellow wine of which sugar content is 100g every liter or more. It is known for its snow white color, but some Xiangxue Wine is light yellow. In the past, Snow Rice Wine was used only to add into Yuanhong Wine to increase the aroma and flavor.

Xiangxue Wine is a kind of double-brewed wine like Shanniang Wine, which is brewed by Chinese liquor instead of water. The alcohol content is above 20%. It has both the aroma of Chinese liquor and the sweet flavor of Chinese yellow wine.


A Brief Comparison of the 4 Best Shaoxing Wines

Name Literal Meaning Sugar (g/L) Alcohol Type
Yuanhong Wine The best wine 4 - 8 16 - 19% Dry
Huadiao Wine Wine in jar engraved with flowery patterns 15 - 30 15% Half dry
Shanniang Wine Well fermented wine 50 - 70 13.5 - 16.5% Semi sweet
Xiangxue Wine Snow flavored wine ≥100 ≥20% Sweet
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