Kweichow Moutai - the No. 1 National Liquor of China

Kweichow Moutai is the best and most famous liquor in China most frequently offered at diplomatic and other important national occasions. It is also one of world's top 3 distilled wine, together with Scotch Whisky and French Cognac.

Processed from repeated fermentation and distillation of sorghums and wheats, Moutai Chinese liquor is transparent liquid and has a strong sauce aroma. It tastes soft and mellow with a long-lasting aftertaste and won’t make your throat uncomfortable. If drink in a right way, it can help relieve fatigue and make you calm.

Facts of Kweichow Moutai

Vol: 52 -54%
Place of Production: Maotai Town by Chishui River in Guizhou Province
Materials: sorghums, wheats
Main Producing Methods: ferment, distill
History: over 800 years
Honors: Gold Award in Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915, November 12th set as Moutai Day in San Francisco…
Famous Moutai Brands: Feitian, Five-star, Handi, Lay Mou, Hua Mao, Guizhou Daqu, Moutai Prince, Yingbin series…

What makes Kweichow Moutai the No. 1 National Liquor of China?

Special Material – Glutinous Sorghum only Growing Locally

The main material of Moutai Chinese liquor is a kind of unique glutinous sorghum planted locally. It has solid and full grains. Its skin is thick, tough enough for the several rounds of fermentation and ensuring each fermentation gives off reasonable amount of nutrient. Besides, the water is from Chishui River. The good-quality river water without pollution also contributes to the particularly tasty and refreshing of Maotai liquor.

Complicated Producing Process Taking at least 5 Years

The preparation work of making Moutai is in the ninth lunar month in China, which is completely different from other liquors that are ready to be produced at any time. It is the harvest season of the sorghum; also it avoids the hot summer to make the fermentation better.

The produce of basic liquor takes about one year: the material are boiled and steamed for nine times, cooled for eight time, fermented for seven time, during which the materials are added twice. After that, store the basic liquor for more than three years to make it soft and more fragrant. Then, mix it with aged liquors of different years, different aromas, different batches or different volumes, to get various styles of Maotai. Finally, store it for one more year for them to blend well. The whole producing process of Moutai liquor takes at least five years.

Unique Environment

Maotai Town is located in the valley of Chishui River. The slow wind, suitable temperature, high humility, and acid claret soil are all beneficial to growing of microorganisms and fermentation.

Tips on Drinking Kweichow Moutai

1. A sip at a time to avoid being drunk.
2. Don’t overdrink for the sake of your health.
3. Don’t drink the liquor together with wine or beer.
4. Don’t drink it on an empty stomach.

Kweichow Moutai Price

Moutai price is different for different series and productive years. Most bottles of 500 ml are at a price range of several hundred to several thousands. Some may has a price of over CNY10,000, even over CNY20,000. The cheapest may at a price range of CNY 100 to 200 per bottle. The bottles below CNY 100 are hardly found.

As for those collection bottles on auctions, the older the wine, the higher the price. Up to now, the most expensive bottle of Moutai is a bottle of Lay Mou made in 1935, which was auctioned off at 1.55 million USD. This is also by now the most expensive alcohol among Chinese liquors.

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History of Moutai

It is said that in about the 21st century BC, the dwellers of Chishui River have started making wine. In Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-9 AD), people there had produced high-quality wine and dedicated it to the emperor, which made the liquor began to earn the fame over the country. Since then, wine produced in Chishui River had always been a tribute to the court. After the Tang and Song Dynasties (618-1279 AD), this local liquor was shipped overseas through the Maritime Silk Road. In Ming (1368 - 1644 AD) and Qing (1644-1911 AD) Dynasties, distillation was widely used to make wine by locals and wine making industry flourished there. In 1704, the name of the liquor was fixed as Moutai officially. On the eve of the establishment of PRC, Moutai was selected as the liquor for national banquet. Since then, Moutai has been served on the national banquet of every National Day. At the meantime, the industry of Moutai began to revive after the long decline. Nowadays, it has become well-known both in China and overseas.

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