Snow Beer - The Best-Selling Beer in the World

Snow Beer is characterized by large amount of white snow-like foams, which is also its name origin. It has a long lasting malt aroma, and the beer liquid is bright light yellow. Generally, its wort concentration is 8-14°P and Snow Beer alcohol content is usually of 2.5-4.5%. Widely loved by consumers, Snow Beer has been the best selling beer brand in the world for years.

Major Products

The main products of Snow Beer China are generally pale beer, which have an average original wort concentration of 8°P. The popular series include Draft Beer, Opera Mask, Brave the World, Brave the World SuperX, Craft Beer, Stout, Ale, etc. The most popular are Draft Beer and Brave the World. There are bottled and canned Snow Beer on sale. The sales volume of bottled ones is higher than canned ones.


Canned Snow Beer Price
330ml Brave the World: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 3-5
500ml Brave the World: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 4.5-6
330ml Brave the World SuperX: 9°P, 3.3%vol, CNY 6-8
500ml Brave the World SuperX: 9°P, 3.3%vol, CNY 7-9
330ml Draft Beer: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 5-7
500ml Draft Beer: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 7-9
500ml Stout Beer: 13.5°P, 4.5%vol, CNY 11-13
500ml Opera Mask: 11.5°P, 4.1%vol, CNY 13-15

Bottled Snow Beer Price
500ml Brave the World: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 5.5-7
500ml Draft Beer: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 7-9
500ml Jiangxin Yingzao: 10°P, 3.3%vol, CNY 10-12
455ml Marrs Green Beer: 8°P, 2.5%vol, CNY 8-10
500ml Pilsner Beer: 10.5°P, 4.0%vol, CNY 11.5-13
950ml Original Beer(quality guarantee period is 7 days): 13.5°P, 4.5%vol, CNY 48-58

Note: The above price list is for reference only.

Sales Volume - Over 100 Million Liters Annually

Snow Beer has occupied a large market share and has been the best beer-selling brand for years. In 2013, it became the first brewery in China sold out one billion liters beer, consolidating its position as the world's leading beer brand. Its 2018 sales volume is 112.85 million liters.


Snow Beer China was founded in 1993 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, which was named after its white foams like snow. It is headquartered in Beijing now and has established over 78 breweries in the whole country. It has also took over some smaller beer companies. Up to 2007, both the national sales volume and single product sales volume of Snow Beer broke the record in China. Later, it has taken the first place of sales volume in Chinese domestic beer industry for consecutive years. In 2018, Snow Beer accounted for approximately 29.6% of China’s beer market. At present, it has been one of the top beers and most popular beers in China.

Snow Beer Trekker

Snow Beer had organized this activity successfully to advertise the brand for more than a decade. It is a kind of outdoor adventure in some rural lands of mystery, like climbing Himalayas, exploring Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, exploring the source of Yangtze River, having expedition along western borders and crossing Hoh Xil. In latest years, the attendants are mainly college students who want to conquer those peaks no one reaches.

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