The 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Chinese Liquor

What are the most expensive liquors in China? By now, the most expensive was a bottle of Lay Mou auctioned off at CNY 10.7 million / USD 1.55 million. What’s others? Here is the top 10 expensive Chinese liquors. Generally speaking, they can only be seen at auctions.

No. 10. Guojiao 1573 – CNY 336,600 / USD 48,984

This is the most luxurious customized wine of Luzhou Laojiao, and it was designated for national banquets once. It had been stopped to produce in 2018.

No. 9. Wuliangye 90th Anniversary of Gold Award – CNY 880,000 / USD 128,063

Wuliangye launched this wine in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of winning the Gold Award in the 1915 Panama International Exposition. Chinese top liquor judges and the chief bartenders of Wuliangye blended it with the 90-year old alcohol, making it one of the most expensive Chinese alcohols. The alcohol was stored in containers whose caps and lotus bases are made of 24K pure gold. The no.9 bottle of this wine was auctioned off at CNY 880,000.

No. 8. Wuliangye from 1960s – CNY 980,000 / USD 142,616

Wuliangye has always been one of the best choices for drinkers. In January 2012, a bottle of Wuliangye wine, which was produced in the 1960s, was successfully auctioned off in Hangzhou for a price of CNY 980,000.

No. 7. Five Star Moutai from 1958 – CNY 1.035million / USD 150,620

A bottle of Five-star Moutai that was produced in 1958, was auctioned off at a price of CNY1.035 million in 2011, becoming the most expensive Chinese liquor at that auction.

No. 6. Chelun Moutai from 1953 – CNY 1.5million / USD 218,290

The Chelun Moutai is an old type of Kweichow Moutai. At an auction held in Guizhou Province in 2012, a bottle of it made in 1953 was auctioned off at a price of CNY1.5 million.

No. 5. Moutai in Earthenware Bottle from 1956 – CNY 1.84million / USD 267,769

Moutai in Earthenware Bottle has a very high value of collection, and it is one of the most expensive Chinese liquors for its popularity. A bottle of it, which was produced in 1956, was auctioned off at a price of CNY1.84 million in 2011 after a very intense competition.

No. 4. Guocang Fenjiu – CNY 2.09 million / USD 304,151

In September 2010, a bottle of Guocang Fenjiu was auctioned at a price of CNY 2.09 million. The total 20 bottles were finally auctioned off at a total price of CNY 30.76 million.

No. 3. Lay Mou from 1930s – CNY 2.6 million / USD 378,370

Moutai developed from Lay Mou, which is an old brand of Moutai. It is unique and the taste is more complicated. A bottle of Lay Mou produced in 1930s was finally auctioned off in Beijing at a price of CNY2.6 million.

No. 2. Handi Moutai from 1992 – CNY 8.9 million / USD 1.29 million

The bottle of Handi Moutai auctioned at a price of CNY 8.9 million in June 2011, was produced in 1992. There are only 10 bottles in the world.

No. 1. Lay Mou from 1935 – CNY 10.7 million / USD 1.55 million

This bottle of Lay Mou was produced in 1935 and is about 400 grams. There is only one bottle remained in the world. At an auction, it was eventually acquired by an entrepreneur for a price of CNY10.7 million. This price broke the record of previous Handi Moutai, which became the most expensive liquor in China, known as the king of Chinese liquor.

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