6 Most Expensive Chinese Wines Priced Even Higher than Lafite - No. 1 the Limited Edition You don’t Know!

Although the most famous Chinese alcohol is liquor with high alcoholic degree, on the vast land of China, there are large and small boutique wineries brewing top grape wines. Because of their high quality and great taste, some are priced even higher than Lafite. The following are the 6 most expensive Chinese wines.

No.6. Chateau Rongzi - Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: 3,288 RMB / bottle

Rongzi is the first man brewing wine with grape in China. Compared with other wineries, the history of the winery established in 2007 is relatively short, but the unique sun exposure conditions of Linfen in Shanxi Province as well as the support of the local government make it one of the best wineries in China quickly. More importantly, they invited the famous winemaker from French, Petrus Jean Claude Berrouet to be the chief winemaker, creating this high-priced and good qualified yellow label Cabernet Sauvignon.

No.5. Zixuan - Collection Level Gift Set of Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: 4,980 RMB / bottle

Located in Wuwei, Gansu Province, this winery has enormous potentiality and is a large-scale brewing company famous for its organic wine and has 25,000 acres of organic grape planting base with fresh air and abundant sun shine.

No.4. Changyu Dry Red Wine - Centennial Wine Cellar Treasure 750ml

Price: 5,888 RMB / bottle

Changyu dry red wine is called China’s national banquet wine. It owns 6 grape planting bases in China to provide the best materials to make the best wine. In September 2010, when China leaders hosted a banquet in the Great Hall of the People to welcome the visiting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the banquet was accompanied by Changyu’s century-old wine cellar.

In 2010, during Buffett’s trip to China, Chang Yu’s 2008 vintage was sent out as the official gift, and Buffett praised it highly and brought it back to the United States.

No.3. Huadong Vineyard - Shiraz Dry Red Wine

Price: 6,288 RMB / bottle

This expensive Chinese wine was specially produced by Huadong Vineyard in the 2008 to commemorate the Olympic Games being held in China. The grapes for brewing the wine are selected from over 30-year old famous wine grape variety called Shiraz in Australia. The winemaker with decades of experience carefully brewed it in accordance with OIV International Winemaking Regulations. Only 2,008 bottles are made and each bottle has a collection certificate and a unique code.

No.2. Langes - 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (1,500ml)

Price: 16,800 RMB / bottle

Langes is a winery founded by the Swarovski family in Changli County, Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province in 1999. This expensive Chinese wine is the 10th anniversary version of the Langes Winery and priced at 16,800 RMB per bottle. It is brewed with Shiraz, stored in a cave at the bottom of the mountain. The wine label is made by Swarovski crystals by famous Austrian artists.

No.1. Changyu - AFIP No.1

Price: 29,800 RMB / bottle

The dry red is the most expensive Chinese wine and only 5,000 bottles were released. The bottles are carved “1” with 18K gold, and are also inlayed 28 Swarovski crystals around, which is really a luxury and priced even higher than Lafite!

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