Shantou Subway

Today, there is no subway service in Shantou. As planned, there will be 9 metro lines at the city. Line 1, line 2 and line 3 will start construction in 2018, and will be put into service by 2020. Together with metro line 5, they form a U-shape subway network, covering the downtown area and extending to the outskirts of the city. Shantou metro line 4 will connect the Chenghai District and Chenghai High-tech Zone. Metro line 6 will run between Niutianyang and Chaoyang Intercity Railway Station. Line R1, line R2 and line R3 will respectively serve the Chaonan District, the Chaoyang District, the Chaoyang High-speed Railway Station & Chaoyang District, as well as the northern part of the city. According to the long-term plan, the Shantou rail transit system will cover 156 miles (251 kilometers), with 137 stations in total, 15 of which will be interchange stations.

Planned Subway Lines and Stations

 Line 1: Shantou Railway Station- Shantou University
Length: 16 miles (26 kilometers)
Opening Time: the main line will open in 2020.
Main Line: Railway Station- Huangshan Road- South Songshan Road- South Tianshan Road- Jinhuan- Dongxia- Jinsha Park- Jinzhang- General Bus Station- Xigang East- Xigang- Niutianyang- Tiangang- Yujing- Tuoji- Laicuo- Shantou University
Branch Line: General Bus Station- TV Tower- Jinfeng- Xilong- Qishan Passenger Transport Station- Yuepu- Tuojihe

 Line 2: Xiliyuan- Chenghai North
Length: 29 miles (46 kilometers)
Opening Time: the first phase between Jinhuan and Chenghai North will open in 2020.
Route: Xiliyuan- Chaoyang- Dongshan- Bailing- Chengnan- Binhai- Taiwanese Investment Zone - Hezhong Road- Haojiang- Toucun- Queshi- Times Square- Jinhuan- Shuixian- Huayang Yayuan- Garden Hotel- Yuhuai Middle School- Tenghui Tower- Zhengda Stadium- Hemei- Qingnian Road- Meidai– Chenghai- Chenghai North

 Line 3: Qishan Passenger Transport Station- Laiwuwei
Length: 20 miles (32 kilometers)
Opening Time: the first phase between Shantou Railway Station and Laiwuwei will open in 2020.
Route: Qishan Passenger Transport Station- Longtou- Fuxi- Fudong- Outing- Tenghui Tower- Xincuoliao- Chencuohe- Zhutai Overpass- Shantou Railway Station- Jiangjunye- Children’s Park- Sports Park- Xinjin South- Xinjin- East Coast New Town- Xincheng North- Daxing- Sihe- Tagangwei- Tagangwei North- Laiwuwei

 Line 4: Guanshan- Laiwuwei
Length: 9 miles (14 kilometers)
Route: Guanshan- Pumei New Town- Chenghai- Sihou Street- Fengxiang- Fengxin- Xingye- Batou- Chaijing- Laiwuwei

 Line 5: Fuxi- Haojiang
Length: 18 miles (29 kilometers)
Route: Fuxi- Guangxia New Town- Garden Hotel- Public Security Bureau- South Songshan Road- Zhugang New Town- Aotou- Beishanwan- Donghu- Guang’ao- Haojiang Railway Station- Qingzhou- Shuangquan Park- Xidun- Haojiang

 Line 6: Niutianyang- Chaoyang Intercity Railway Station
Length: 12 miles (19 kilometers)
Stations: Niutianyang- Tiangang West- Sanyuwei- Miantian- Dongshan Avenue- Mianxin Avenue- Chaoyang- Chaoyang South- Chaoyang Intercity Railway Station

 Line R1: Chendian- Xiliyuan
Length: 18 miles (29 kilometers)
Route: Chendian- Simapu- Yangfenchen- Chaonan-Xinqing- Heping- Dafeng- Jinpu- Jinpu East- Xiliyuan

 Line R2: Chaoyang High-speed Railway Station- Tianxinwan
Length: 22 miles (36 kilometers)
Route: Chaoyang High-speed Railway Station- Gurao- Xincuo Village- Xibian Village- Tongyu- Renxianli- Chaonan- Chaonan Intercity Railway Station - Lugang- Daliao Village- Chengtian- Longtian- Tianxinwan

 Line R3: Chenghai North – Gaocheng
Length: 12 miles (20 kilometers)
Route: Chenghai North- Xiadaimei- Lianshang- Shangdaimei- Xinan- Dongli- Lianhua- Nanliao- Yanhong- Gaocheng

Future Transfer Stations of Shantou Subway

Interchange Stations Subway Lines
Jinhuan Line 1 and Line2
Shantou Railway Station & Qishan Passenger Transport Station Line 1 and Line 3
South Songshan Road Line 1 and Line 5
Niutianyang Line 1 and Line 6
Xiliyuan Line 2 and Line R1
Chaoyang Line 2 and Line 6
Haojiang & Garden Hotel  Line 2 and Line 5
Tenghui Tower Line 2 and Line 3
Chenghai  Line 2 and Line 4
Chenghai North Line 2 and Line R3
Laiwuwei  Line 3 and Line 4
Fuxi Line 3 and Line 5
Chaonan Line R1 and Line R2
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Questions & Answers on Shantou Subway
Asked by Seb from POLAND | Sep. 21, 2017 23:13Reply
When does Shantou subway line R2 going to be ready?
I have been trying to find any dates on the R2 line but I have not made it. When is the construction of the R2 line to Chaoyang station going to start?
Answers (1)
Answered by Judie from FRANCE | Sep. 25, 2017 02:57

As I know, the building work starts in 2017 and will be open to public in 2030.
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