Zhuhai Transportation

Zhuhai Subway

Nowadays, subway service is not available in Zhuhai yet. It is planned that Zhuhai subway network will include 3 lines: two will serve the downtown area in Xiangzhou and another one will be the Zhuhai-Doushan (Zhudou) Branch line. Line 1 and line 2 will start to be constructed before 2020. Metro line 1 will be a loop line, running from/to West Renmin Road. Line 2 will run between Meihua Road and Lianhua/ Gongbei, interchanging with line 1 at Yingbin North Road and Yuehai Road Stations. The Zhudou Branch Line will link Baijiao and Fushan, via the Jinwan District, Hongqi Town and Pingsha Town.

Planned Subway Lines and Stations

 Line 1: West Renmin Road- West Renmin Road
Length: 11 miles (18 kilometers)
Stations: West Renmin Road - North Yingbin Road - East Renmin Road - Environmental Protection Bureau - Jida Road - Jida - Shihua Road - South Lover's Road - Shangmaodao - Yuehai Road - Baishi Road - Santaishi Road - Cuiqian Road - Cuiwei East - Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) Joint Inspection Island – West Renmin Road
Transfer Stations: West Renmin Road, North Yingbin Road, Yuehai Road

 Line 2: Meihua Road- Lianhua
Length: 4.5 miles (7.3 kilometers)
Stations: Meihua Road - North Yingbin Road - Ningxi Road - Jiuzhou Road - Yuehai Road - Zhuhai Railway Station - Lianhua

 Line 3: Baijiao- Fushan
Length: 19.5 miles (31.4 kilometers)
Stations: Baijiao - Jinwan - Hongqi - Dahuan - Dahaihuan - Pingsha - Qianjin - Zhugang New Town – Fushan

Intercity Rail Transit: Extension Line of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Rail Line

Together with the metro lines, six intercity rail lines will make it very convenient to travel in the city and the whole Pearl River Delta Area, such as Guangzhou-Zhuhai (Guangzhu), Guangzhou-Foshan-Jiangmen-Zhuhai (Guangfojiangzhu) and Zhuhai-Shenzhen (Zhushen) Intercity Rail Lines.

The extension line of Guangzhu Intercity Rail Line is especially noteworthy. It will connect Railway Station and Jinwan Airport. The construction started in 2014, and it is expected to open by 2018-2019. By then, it will only take 30 minutes to reach Jinwan Airport from Gongbei. The trains will depart densely at intervals of 10 minutes. In the future, passengers will be able to transfer between Zhuhai subway and Macau Light Rail (LRT) at Gongbei Port, Wanzai Port, Hengqin, and HZMB International Island. The designed interchange at Gongbei and Wanzai will be achieved through an underpass.

Length: 25 miles (40 kilometers)
Route: Zhuhai Railway Station - Wanzai North - Wanzai - Shizimen - Financial Island - Hengqin - Chimelong Ocean Kingdom - Shenjing - Hezhou South - Sanzao East - Sanzao - Jinwan Airport


Apart from the metro lines, there will be two trams lines as planned. Now, tram line 1 has already been in service.

 Tram Line 1: Shuiyongkeng- Shangchong Xiaozhen
Length: 5.5 miles (9 kilometers)
Route: Shuiyongkeng- Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University- Huazishi East- Meihua East- Dajing Mountain- Xingye Intersection- Guyuan Museum of Art- North Intersection of Yingbin Road- Xiangshan Yizhan- Meihuazhong- No. 1 High School- Landun Intersection- Hengya Mingyuan- Shangchong Xiaozhen

 Tram Line 2: Sports Center- Zhuhai Railway Station
Length: 6 miles (10 kilometers)
Route: Sports Center- Renmin Road- Cuijing Road- Cuiwei Road- Qianshan Market- West Yuehai Road- Qianhe Road- Qianshan Overpass- Gang'er Road- Paotaishan- Second People's Hospital- Qiaoguang Road- Railway Station
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