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Getting around Zhuhai by bus is an economical choice. With a quantity of bus routes of considerate categories like Peak Hour Lines and Sightseeing Bus Lines in operation, city bus has been an ideal means of public transportation to tour the city.


Nowadays, public buses in the city can be classified into the following nine categories (identified by Chinese characters and numbers):
1. Downtown Lines: 1-72, 101, 103, Z30, Z40, Z51, Z52, Z53
2. Express Lines: K1- K11
3. Cross-district Lines: 201, 202, 204, 207, 601, 601B, 602, 602A, 603, 605, 608, 609
4. Intercity Lines: 687, 931, 935, 991, 992, 993, 996, 998, 999, K995
5. West District Lines: 301, 303, 304, 306, 307, 308, 315, 316, 401, 402A, 402-411, 413, 415, 416, 419, 501-504, 520, 705, 706, 710, 715, 801, 803, 812, Z101-Z108, Z115-Z118, Z121, Z123, Z126, Z132, Z140, Z141, Z143, Z264
6. Rush/Peak Hour Lines: 19, 417, K30, Nanping Street - Chimelong Bus Line, H101-H167, H201- H216, H301-H320
7. Night Lines: 601C, N20, Chimelong – Cuiwei Bus Line
8. Sightseeing Line: L1
9. Rapid Lines: B1, B2

Operating Hours

The starting time of the regular buses is around 06:00-06:30, and the finishing time is around 22:00-23:00. For most rush hours lines, the service hours are from 06:50 to 07:30 and from 16:40 to 17:30 every day. For night bus lines, passengers can take during 22:00 and 06:00 next day. A number of buses depart at an interval of 3 to 15 minutes. However, buses with long routes generally depart at longer intervals.

Ticket Fare

Most of the buses have no conductor, so passengers are advised to prepare some loose change before getting on one. The charge is CNY1-2 per person for an ordinary bus and CNY2-6 per person for an air-conditioned one. For the far areas in Doumen and Jinwan Districts in the west part of Zhuhai, the charge of public buses depart from the central Xiangzhou District is often up to CNY 7 per person. Transportation card holders can enjoy 10% discount when taking the public buses in the city.

Sightseeing Bus

The city has special sightseeing buses to serve tourists. The present three routes cover most of the local famous attractions. Among them, bus line L1 is Dang-dang Trolley Bus which runs along Qinglü Road; other two lines are air-conditioned double-deckers with advanced facilities like mobile TV sets. Passengers need to prepare some loose change since there is no conductor on the sightseeing buses. Here is some detailed information on the three routes:
 Dang-dang Trolley Sightseeing Bus (Bus Line L1)
Tourists can visit all attractions along the Qinglü Road by taking the bus.
Ticket Price: CNY 3 per person
Operating Hours: 09:00 – 20:30
Frequency: 10-20 minutes
Route: Haihong General Bus Terminal – 5th Affiliated Hospital Sun Yat-Sen University – Shuiyongkeng (Haitian Park) – Haitian Park East – Xiangzhou Port West – Grand Theatre – Xianglu Bay – City Balcony - Fisher Girl Statue – Waterfront Swimming Pool – Jiuzhou Bay – Jiuzhou Port – Qinglünanlu North - Qinglünanlu Middle – Kingward International Hotel – Qinglünanlu South – Rihua Huayuan Community - Macau Viewing Platform – Gongbei Port
Bus nos. to Haihong Bus Terminal: 4, 5, 12, 14, 16, 20; to Gongbei Port: 8, 9, 10A, 31, 36, 99, 207, 601B, 931, K1, K3, K5, K8.
 Sightseeing Bus East Line
Ticket Price: CNY 3 per person
Operating Hours: 07:00 – 21:00
Frequency: 30 minutes
Route: Dajinding – Jinding Market - Zhuhai International Motor Racing Circuit – Pearl Land Amusement Park – Tangjia – Sun Yat-Sen University Zhuhai Campus – Dieshi – Sanatorium – Qiyeling - Xiangzhou Port – Xiangzhou Department Store - Martyrs’ Park – Mingting Park – Fisher Girl Statue – Lingjiaozui Swimming Spot – Jiuzhou New Village – Jiuzhou Port – Qinglünanlu North – Rihua Huayuan Community – Gongbei Hotel – Gongbei Port – Gongbei Market – Overseas Chinese Hotel – Zhuhai Hotel (Jiuzhou City)

 Sightseeing Bus West Line
Ticket Price: CNY 2 per person
Operating Hours: 07:00 – 21:00
Frequency: 20 minutes
Route: Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area - Dongkeng Park - Agricultural Scientific Academy - Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area – Shangyongcun – Mingzhu North – Cuiwei – Cuijing Industrial Park – Jinji Crossing – Qianshanximen – Lost City - New Yuanming Palace – Lanpu - Bailiandong Park - Lianhua Mountain – Jida Commercial Area - Zhuhai Hotel (Jiuzhou City)


Around 3,000 taxis in the city bring the locals and the travelers great convenience. The official taxis are almost in yellow, green and blue. Yellow and green cabs can be easily taken at the airport and the downtown area, and most blue cars run in Doumen and Jinwan Areas. Among them, there is a small amount of electric cabs.

Less than 100 British-style taxis are available in the city. Most taxis there can only accommodate at most four passengers, while these British-style cars can hold at most six passengers, with very professional and polite service.

Generally, the taxi fare varies from car brands and areas. See details below:
  Car Types & Brands Price
Flag-down Rate (for the first 3km (1.9mi)) Charge of Each kilometer (0.6mi) beyond 3km (1.9mi)
First Category (cars with the wheelbase shorter than 3.2m (10.5ft)) & British-style Cars: Passat CNY12 CNY2.8
Second Category (cars with the wheelbase longer than 3.2m (10.5ft)) & Electric Cars: Jetta, Corolla, Moinca, Optima, Peugeot 408 CNY10 CNY2.4
Cabs in Doumen and Jinwan Areas: Jetta CNY9 CNY2.2

1. When a car drives farther than 20km (12.4mi), 30% empty return fee is automatically charged.
2. For cars running between 00:00 and 06:00 the next day, the charge of each kilometer rises by 30%

Zhuhai has no subway service now. It is scheduled that there will be 3 subway lines in the city after 2020, plus an extension line of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway and two tram lines.
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Questions & Answers on Zhuhai City Bus & Taxi
Asked by Milan from SERBIA | Jul. 06, 2019 03:38Reply
Hello, i will stay in Hilton Garden inn Zhuhai Hengqin.
How can I reach hotel from Zhuhai railway station? Can I use public transport from hotel to Macau?

Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from USA | Jul. 08, 2019 00:59

1. Take bus No.62 from Huafa International Garden Station to Nanshan Station, and transfer to bus No.87 to Gongjiao Zhaohu Station, then walk south of 200m to your hotel. It takes around 1.5 hours with CNY2.
2. From your hotel, take a taxi to Hengqin Port. Pass the border and you will enter Macau.
Asked by Galin from BULGARIA | Jun. 03, 2019 00:19Reply
K10 Bus from Chimelong Ocean Kingdom to Zhuhai Gongbei Railway Station

When is the last bus (perhaps K10) from Chimelong Ocean Kingdom to Gongbei Railway Station?
We would like to see the night show starting at 8 P.M. and catch a train to Guangzhou South Railway Station afterwards.

Answers (1)
Answered by Fiona from SINGAPORE | Jun. 03, 2019 23:21

The last bus of Line K10 departs at 21:30.
Asked by Stephen from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 30, 2018 01:05Reply
Zhuhai railway station from the Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai shuttle bus stop 11.5km?
If the distance between is about 11.5 kilometers, is it better to take a Taxi from The shuttle bus stop to the ZH Railway station? especially with all the luggage. Is there Taxi stand at the Bus stop?
Answers (1)
Answered by Myron from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 03, 2018 11:17

Yes, you are advised to take a taxi if you have large luggage. You can take a taxi at the get-on point at the first floor of the port building.
Asked by Kapil from INDIA | Nov. 15, 2018 19:53Reply
Best location to stay in Zhuhai to cover maximum tourist attraction include Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
hello, I am travelling from Hong Kong through new bridge to Zhuhai. I will stay for one night. I am with my family including 2 children. One day I am planning for Chimelong Ocean Kingdom and one day I want to visit few tourist destination. Please suggest me good location to stay with transportation guidance to visit major good places. Will be thankful if you can help me to know the distances also.
I want to return back by road only to Hong Kong.
Answers (1)
Answered by Charles from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 18, 2018 18:11

You are advised to live in the Jida Street, Xiangzhou District. Jida Street is a place where zhuhai has a relatively concentrated population and convenient transportation. It is 20 minutes away from Gongbei Port, 10 minutes away from Jiuzhou Port, and a few hundred meters away from the city beach. It is about 1 hour to Chinelong. There are more places or hotels to stay. So I recommend living in Jida Street.
Asked by azmi from MALAYSIA | Sep. 05, 2018 09:46Reply
what bus to take from gongbei to world finacial tower zuhai?
i will be in gongbei on 14th september. i will stay in gongbei but need to go to wolrd finacial tower for some work. please advice me.
Answers (2)
Answered by Claire from FRANCE | Sep. 05, 2018 23:15

If you mean Yuhai global financial centre, you can take bus line 2 from Gongbei to Zhongdian Dasha and then walk east about 2 minutes to get there.
Answered by azmi from MALAYSIA | Sep. 06, 2018 00:47

yes yuhai world finacial center. thanx so much
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