Guiyang Dining

It is said that Guiyang people working outside Guiyang would be sure to lick their lips when they think of the food of their hometown. This reflects their love of food and the culture. Food there mainly includes Qian cuisine or and local snacks.

Qian Cuisine or Guizhou Food tastes numb and spicy, which are two indispensable elements in Guiyang food. Numb refers to the condiment made from several spices and the spicy is mainly refined from the red pepper.

Another typical local dish, Suan Tang Yu (Sour Soup Fish) is most delicious. Originating not in Guiyang, but in the Miao region, this dish has become a typical dish in this city. You can have the dish at Kaili Sour Sour Fish Restaurant, No. 55, Shengfu Lu.


Si Wa Wa (Sliced Vegetable Baby) could well be the cheapest local snack. It literarily means the Baby because it takes the shape of a baby in swaddling clothes. Actually it is a thin cake made of flour and stuffed with various sliced cooked vegetables such as the carrot, radish, celerie and other vegetables. Sour and spicy juices are necessities when tasting the Si Wa Wa.

Zhangji Si Wa Wa: at the entrance of Wenhua Lu

Chang Wang Mian (Chang Wang Noodle) could be the most popular snack in the city. The name of Chang Wang implies auspiciousness. With a long history of more than 100 years, Chang Wang Noodle has been highly-praised by the local people.

Lian'ai Doufu Guo (The Bean Curd in Love) is another famous Guiyang snack. It has an interesting name and also an interesting method of preparation that is to cut a piece of bean curd horizontally, fill it with vegetables and sliced meat, then to toast the bean curd until it turns golden and then sprinkle with sesame oil and other condiments. The finished bean curd tastes excellent! As for its interesting name, it is told that lovers often share the bean curd with each other, which add romance to the food; hence the name. Locals have this snack together with the soy sauce, vinegar, pepper and shallot.

Spring Chicken is another savory local snack. Bai Shi Ji Spring Chicken Restaurant on Xingguan Lu enjoys great fame all over the city It also has branches outside of the city in major cities such as Kunming and Chengdu.

Where to Eat

The Qian cuisine is recommended to be sampled at restaurants serving the local dishes, like the Yayuan, Yixin Yuan and Buyi restaurants. In lots of star hotels such as the Trade-Point, Guizhou and Guiyang Plaza hotels, Qian Cai, Sichuan, Canton and the Western Cuisine are served.

Near the fountain in the city center, there are two famous snack streets, Hequn Lu and Shaanxi Lu. A variety of food is available here, Si Wa Wa and rice noodle. The night market here will usually stay open until around 03:00 the next day.

Huaxi Wangji Beef Rice Noodles
Huaxi Wangji Restaurant
Beef Rice Noodles
Beef Rice Noodles
Huaxi Wangji Beef Rice Noodle
Location: Huaxi
It has branches all over China, but the head office here in Huaxi serves the most local and delicious rice noodle of all.

Liuji Chang Wang Noodle
Location: Waihuan Lu – near the Provincial Hospital of Guizhou

Ding Guan Cheng
Location: at the expressway entrance to the airport
The specialties of this restaurant are the Sour Soup Fish (Suan Tang Yu) and the Miao people's dance show.

Vegetarian Restaurant:

Jue Yuan Zhai
Location: No. 11, Shushui Bei Lu

Chan Yue Su Yuan
Location: No. 8, Shenqi Lu

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Questions & Answers on Dining in Guiyang
Asked by Ng from MALAYSIA | Mar. 16, 2019 19:26Reply
Guilin or Chongqing to Guiyang. Which is better?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alva from GERMANY | Mar. 20, 2019 23:45

Both Guilin and Chongqing have direct high speed trains to Guiyang. And both duration are around 2.5 hours.
Asked by hasimah from SINGAPORE | Jul. 26, 2017 09:54Reply
May i have some details or location of any halal eateries/cafe/restaurant in Guiyang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Michelle from SINGAPORE | Jul. 26, 2017 22:42

As I know, most of the halal restaurants are The Middle School attached to the GuiZhou Normal University in Yunyan District, such as Lanzhou Beef Noodles in North Baoshan Rd, Dingji Muslim restaurants in the junction of Putuo Rd and Shannxi Rd, and Hui Restaurant in 39 Sichuan Lane.
Asked by venka t from INDIA | Oct. 05, 2015 22:08Reply
I got job offer in Guiyang. I am from India and little afraid of how would be the life there.
I think its not a big city like Beijing and is that comfortable for an Indian to stay in that city in terms of food, accommodation, local traveling. Is that safe to stay in that city. I am single so how would be the accommodation like sharing and costs. What would be the monthly expenses. Can we cook our food at home as I dont like much of the outside food. Any Indians who already staying in this place plz comment here.
Answers (2)
Answered by Emma from CHINA | Oct. 08, 2015 20:40

Hi, Venka. It is not as big and bustling as Beijing indeed, but it is still developed to some extend as the provincial city of Guizhou Province. It is safe to live there and the living standard is in middle level.

You can surely cook food by yourself and the food materials are accessible in supermarkets. The monthly expense of a regular apartment is CNY800-1,200, with a bed room, a toilet and bathroom. Turn to an apartment rental agent and they will manage this for you.

I see a few Indians on the street, but not sure if there are many. By the way, I am a Chinese and studied there for three years.

May help!
Answered by veeresh from INDIA | Oct. 09, 2015 01:06

Thank you very much emma for the information.
Asked by pratik from INDIA | Apr. 11, 2014 04:09Reply
plse send good veg restarunt addresss in Guiyang
Plse send veg hotel address
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice from SINGAPORE | Apr. 14, 2014 03:49

i only know a Chinese veg restaurant in that city, would that be OK?

If it is OK, the restaurant is at 1F, Fudu Mansion, No. 123, South Fushui Road and it is called Chan Yue Fo Tuo (禅悦酥陀).
Asked by Thao from USA | Sep. 04, 2012 14:30Reply
what airline is the cheapest one to Guiyang?
Answers (3)
Answered by Terry | Sep. 04, 2012 20:43

Well, it depends on which state you live.
From New York, you can fly to Shanghai first by Delta Lines and then fly to your destination by China Southern Airlines.
Could you tell which city are you now?
Answered by Thao | Sep. 05, 2012 21:56

Thank you so much for answering my question. I live in Minnesot.
Answered by Terry | Sep. 05, 2012 22:27

I think your trip will not be so cheap.
You need to first fly to Chicago by United Airlines, because there is no direct flight from your city to China. Then you need to take flight from Chicago to reach Shanghai also by United Airlanes. After you reach Shanghai, you can fly to your destination by China Southern Airlines.
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