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The story of local food in Chengde has a long and interesting history, going back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Cooking culture of both royal and folk converged in Chengde after the construction of the Mountain Resort. Then it gradually formed its own feature after an amalgamation of a diversity of other diet and an innovation of new tastes.

The local dishes of are representative of court dishes in the north of the Great Wall. Being far removed from Beijing, venison can be found without effort in Chengde. In addition, there is food of Manchu features, glutinous and cold as Chengde is place where Manchu are gathered. Red bean gruel, Youmian (a kind of food made of oat flour) and hot pot with Chinese sauerkraut are popular in this city as well.

Dining in that city demands that the color, smell, and taste of every dish be superb and there is a diversity of the culinary skills like frying, sauting, heating up, braising, and fumigating, etc.

Some famous local dishes are five spiced venison, game hot pot and chilled hare of Pingquan, etc. The flavor snacks include crisp cake, eight-treasure rice pudding, bean-starch jelly, haw sheets, nansha cake, and Shaomai (steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top), etc, all of which are of unique local style.

Recommended Restaurants:

Xin Qianlong Restaurant
Address: Dijingyuan Building, Xinhua Lu
This luxury and elegant restaurant is only one kilometer from the Mountain Resort and it provides meals and services of top-ranking quality. Among them Canton Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Beijing Cuisine, Chengde Food of Imperial Household and local dishes are especially popular.

Dongpo Restaurant
Address: Small South Gate
Address of the three chain restaurants:
Railway Dongpo Restaurant: Chezhan Lu (opposite to the Railway Station)
Bell and Drum Tower Dongpo Hot Pot Restaurant: Bell and Drum Tower
Shidong Gou Dongpo Hot Pot Restaurant: Shidong Gou

Jinqiao Restaurant
Address: No. 1, Liushui Gou, Shuangqiao District
The leading meals in this restaurant are hot pot, local fried dishes and the Eight Bowls of Manchu flavor.

Shangke Tang
Address: to the west of the Puning Temple
It was built to receive eminent monks in accordance with the rites of Buddhism and now there are dining rooms providing eastern, western and vegetarian foods which can serve the different demands of visitors.

Nanyingzi Dajie


After having a good time in the city during the day, you have a rich variety of leisure places in which to relax when the night lights are lit. Folk singing and dancing, bowling, karaoke all form part of the attractions, while strolling through the night market or just enjoying a coffee or maybe a bottle of wine in a quiet bar will add yet more pleasure and romance to your travels far from home.

Most of the bars in Chengde are located in Shaanxi Ying; some are noisy while some have a quiet atmosphere. Jinshengyuan is one of the bars providing a peaceful environment to enjoy life's simple happy pleasures. Tea shows in Wulie Lu are good choices as well. If you would like to have a taste of the local snacks in a night market, Nanyingzi Dajie will serve your appetites.

Other recommended entertainment places:
Qingyue Gong
Address: No. 18, Pule Lu, Shuangqiao District
It is a high-grade leisure place combining with dinning and entertainment. There is a large hall where you can appreciate performances of the Palatial Convivial Dance choreographed in accordance with the etiquette of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Oriental Pearl KTV
Address: No. 6, Erxin Ju Jincui Lou, Nanyingzi Dajie

Baodao Cafe (Treasure Land Cafe)
Address: Beixinglong Jie

Chengde Theater
Address: Nanyingzi Dajie

Yongxing Bowling House
Address: 4F, Yongxing Dasha, Nanyingzi Dajie
There is bowling, ping-pong, chess, and shuffleboard, etc. in the Bowling House.

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