Chengde Weather

7-Day Chengde Weather Forecast


Averages for Chengde Weather

High/Low Temperatures of Chengde
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Chengde
Average Temperatures of Chengde
Average Temperatures Graph for Chengde
Humidity Graph of Chengde
Average Humidity Graph for Chengde
Average Rainfall of Chengde
Average Rainfall Graph for Chengde
Air Quality of Chengde
Average AQI(Air Quality Index) Graph for Chengde  

Chengde Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

With a diversity of climate types, the four seasons are distinct from each other in Chengde. The weather is cold in winter, dry in spring, rainy in summer and cool in autumn. The average annual temperature is about 9C (about 48F). Generally speaking, the best time to visit Chengde is between April and October; however, visitors can experience different outlooks in different seasons as the variety of clime.

Best times to visit the Mountain Resort
To pass the summer: June to October
To go on a spring outing: April to May
To appreciate the scenery of red autumnal leaves: late October to middle November
To enjoy a beautiful snowy scenery: late January to middle February

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