Qinhuangdao Dining -- Where to Eat

Local Restaurants
Qinhuangdao is a great place to visit, and eating authentic local dishes can further enhance the traveling experience. Below is a list of recommended restaurants where you are able to sample many of the dishes mentioned above:

Hongyan Fanzhuang (Hongyan Restaurant) - Changcheng Bolo Bing
Address: No.109, Guancheng Nan Lu, Shanhaiguan District

Sitiaobaozi Shop - Sitiao Baozi
Address: Sitiao Jie, Shanhaiguan District

Huiji Gaodianbu (Huiji Cake Shop) - Huiji Lvdougao
Address: No22, Tianxin Hutong, Shanhaiguan District

Laoerwei Hotel - Laerwei Majiang Shaobing
Address: No.15, Wenhua Bei Lu, Haigang District

Jinfa Hotel - Jinfa Donkey Meat with Soy Sauce
Address: Xigang Lu (mid-section), Qinhuangdao Economic & Technological DevelopmentZone

Seafood Restaurants
Yuren Matou
Address: No.2, Dongshan Lu, Haigang District
Price: CNY176 per person
The restaurant has a reputation for high-quality and reasonably-priced seafood.Wines and other beverages must be bought on the premises. For those with cars,there is a large parking lot. For those traveling by public transport, it canbe reached on the No.8 bus, where you will need to get off at the famous sitewhere the Qin Emperor is thought to have asked for the immortals. Walk for afurther 200 meters (219 yards) southward and the restaurant can be seen on theleft.

Taiheng Haixian Juwuba Hotel
Address: No.195, Dongshan Lu, Haigang District
Price: CNY118 per person
Located close to the sea and Dongshan Bath, the hotel's restaurant provides aperfect setting for dinner and is also a popular choice for Chinese wedding parties.

For those traveling on a tighter budget, the restaurants listed below offer goodquality seafood for around CNY30-CNY60.

Haixian Ju
Address: Hongqi Lu (Hebei Da Jie), Haigang District
Price: CNY52 per person

Tianbao Jiulou
Address: No.1, Yanshan Da Jie (off the intersection at Xigang Bei Luand Yanshan Da Jie), Haigang District
Price: CNY31 per person

Shi Wei Tian
Address: No.270, Gangcheng Da Jie, Haigang District
Price: CNY34 per person

Haitianyise Haixian Canting
Address: No.56, Nanshan Jie, Haigang District
Price: CNY59 per person

Barbecue Restaurants
Golden Hans
Address: No.141, Gangcheng Da Jie, Haigang District
Price: CNY33 per person
This cafeteria also offers a variety of barbecued-foods, fruits and even itsown home-brew beer! It is a highly-recommended choice for dinner with friends.

Baidu Zhishang Shaokao
Address: Minzu Lu, Haigang District
Price: CNY50 per person

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