Zhucheng, Shandong

Zhucheng Facts

Chinese Name: 诸城 (zhū chéng)
Population: 1,109,000
Area: 2,183 square kilometers (842 square miles)
Location: in the south of Weifang City, Shandong Province, east China
Area Code: 0536
Zip Code: 262200
GDP (2018): CNY 87.78 billion (USD 13.27 billion)

Zhucheng, Shandong China: City of Dinosaur

Zhucheng is a county-level city in Shandong Province, under the jurisdiction of Weifang. It borders Qingdao on the east, Rizhao on the south, Linyi on the west, Anqiu City and Gaomi City on the north. Zhucheng is famous as the city of dinosaur as it not only unearthed the world's largest hadrosaur fossils, but also the world's largest dinosaur fossil group burial site. Named after the legend that Emperor Shun was born in Zhufeng Village in the north of the city, Zhucheng Shandong is also known as the birthplace of Shun Emperor Culture. It is also the regional center city of the Shandong Peninsula and one of the coastal cities in China as well as an important transportation hub in the Shandong Peninsula.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Zhucheng

Explore the Dinosaur World

Zhucheng Dinosaur National Geopark
Shandong Zhucheng Dinosaur National Geopark includes Konglongjian and Zangjiazhuang Scenic Areas. The Konglongjian Scenic Area is mainly composed of Dinosaur Cubic Hall and Konglongjian Fossil Gallery and the Zangjiazhuang features Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Hall.

Dinosaur Cubic Hall
Regarded treasure of the hall, the Dinosaur Cubic, a nearly cubic rock mass, intensively preserves the bones of two hadrosaurs. This hall also exhibits the fossils of hadrosaurs, horned dinosaurs, ankylosaurs and tyrannosaurus.

Konglongjian Fossil Gallery
With a length of nearly 500 meters (1,640 feet) long, the Konglongjian Fossil Gallery shows about 10,000 pieces of fossils and is known as the largest dinosaur fossil group in the world.

Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Hall
The Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Hall possesses two great spectacles: seven geological strata containing a great number of dinosaur fossils and complete ruins of dinosaur fighting. There is also a display of original site of dinosaur fossils including tyrannosaurus, ceratops, ankylosaurs and hadrosaurs.

Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum
The museum highlights the world's tallest duck-billed dinosaur fossil skeleton - "Giant Zhucheng Dragon" which is 9.1 meters (29.9 feet) high, 16.6 meters (54.5 feet) long. And other rare fossils of paleontology are also displayed. Visitors can watch the circular-screen movies to know the types of dinosaurs in Zhucheng Shandong. The Cretaceous Exhibition recovers the environment and life scene of the dinosaurs in Zengcheng during the Cretaceous.

Chaoran Terrace

Built by Su Shi, a famous litterateur of the Northern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Chaoran Terrace is a famous cultural heritage of Zhucheng Shandong. After reconstruction in 2009, it is divided into two parts: Chaoran Terrace and Su Dongpo Memorial Hall. The top platform is antique city walls and buildings. The memorial hall inside the terrace mainly exhibits inscriptions, calligraphy and paintings, highlighting Su Shi's achievements when he managed Zhucheng and works of later scholars for commemorating Sushi.

Dashunyuan Cultural Tourism Area

Dashunyuan Cultural Tourism Area, 7 kilometers (4 miles) away from the urban area, is the birthplace of Shun Emperor (2287BC-2067 BC), one of the ancestors of Chinese morality. There are many squares, halls, temples, monuments, and galleries to show the culture and history of Emperor Shun. Among them, the Shun Temple is a sacrificial place with a long history. The tourism area has attracted many people to worship and visit since its foundation.

Best Time to Visit Zhucheng

The best time to visit Zhucheng is from September to October, the autumn time of Zhucheng when the weather is relatively the most pleasant of the year. It is hot and rainy in summer (from June and August) and the highest temperature can reach 36℃ (98℉). The weather is colder since autumn and December to February are the coldest months and very dry. The lowest temperature of the year in Zhucheng is about -5℃ (23℉) With Zhucheng easing its way into spring, the climate is warmer and wet with an average temperature of 15℃ (59℉).

Zhucheng Weather Forecast



Zhucheng is 255 kilometers (158 miles) away from Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province and 91 kilometers (56 miles) away from Qingdao. Visitors can take a flight to Weifang Nanyuan Airport and then take a coach to Zhucheng Shandong. Or one can take a bullet train to Weifang North Railway Station and then take a coach to Zhucheng. The coach departures to Zhucheng from 6:20-19:00 every 20 minutes, taking about CNY30.

The inner-city transportation means mainly rely on buses and taxis. It charges CNY4 for the first 2km of Zhucheng taxi and CNY1.4 for the next distance. It takes CNY20 to Zengcheng Bus Terminal, CNY220-230 to Weifang Nanyuan Airport and CNY260-270 to Weifang North Railway Station from the downtown area of Zhucheng.

Best Zhucheng Food to Try

You cannot miss the Lasizi, Mizhou Fried Chicken Wing, Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts and Mizhou Trotters when you visit Zhucheng Shandong.

Lasizi is a famous cold dish in Zhucheng. It has a mixed flavor featuring spicy, sweet and sour and promotes appetite. Mix the shredded mustard leaf with salt and put it into an earthen jar covered with radish slices inside. Add vinegar, water, sesame oil, Sichuan pepper, anise water and octagonal and pickle for 1-2 weeks.

 Mizhou Fried Chicken Wing
The Mizhou Chicken Fried Wing has a crisp skin and tastes tender but not greasy, Pickle the chicken wing with salt, ginger, scallion and five-spice powder for a few minutes and deep-fry until golden.

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