Taichung Ching Chuang Kang International Airport

Airport was officially opened to navigation as a civil airport on March 5, 2004. It has a runway of 3,658 meters (4000 yards), a terminal of 9,093 square meters (10,875 square yards) and parking apron of 36,280 square meters (43,390 square yards).

Airport Code: RMQ


Located in Shalu District, Taichung City, Taiwan Province, Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport serves as both civil and military airport.


UNI Air (B7), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Mandarin Airlines (AE), HK Express (UO), Cathay Dragon Airlines (KA), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX), Tigerair Taiwan (IT), EVA Air (BR), Far Eastern Air (FE)

Taichung International Airport Flights Schedule

Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport opens direct flights to/from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Nanjing, Wuxi and Ningbo.
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Guangzhou 1 on each Tue. Sat. 2H
Shenzhen 1 on each Wed. Sat. 1H40M
Kunming 1 on each Wed. Sun. 3H25M
Hangzhou 1 on each Mon. Sun. 1H45M
Hong Kong 4 on each Tue. Thurs.
6 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Macau 2 on each day 1H45M
Nanjing 1 on each Sat. 2H20M
Wuxi 2 on each Mon. Fri. 2H05M/2H25M
Ningbo 1 on each Tue. Fri. 1H35M

How to Travel between the Airport and Taichung City

1: By Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport Bus Line A1:Airport – Taichung Railway Station –  Gome Pavilion A2: Airport –Taichung Railway Station A3: Airport – Fengjia Night Market
Taking Method book 3 days before departure book before 20:00 one day before departure book before 20:00 one day before departure
Travel Time 1H 1H 45 minutes
Ticket Price NT$100

2: By Bus

Line 9: Qingshui – Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport – Taichung Railway Station
Main Spots: Qingshui – Taichung Airport – Gongming Middle School – Qingquan Police Station – Yadong Company – Daya – Dahua Middle School – Chenping – Quanmin Hospital – Dadao Temple – Wuchangli – Taichung Railway Station
Operating Hours: 6:00-22:00
Frequency: 15 – 25 minutes
Ticket Price: NT$ 48
Line 302: Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport – Taichung Railway Station – Taichung Park
Main Spots: Airport – Zhulinli – Providence University – Donghai Villa – Municipal Government – Zhongzheng Primary School – Ren’ai Hospital – Chang Hwa Bank – Taichung Railway Station – Taichung Park
Operating Hours: 6:45-23:30
Ticket Price: NT$ 56

3: By Taxi

It takes about 40 minutes and costs NT$ 500-650 (CNY115-150).

Things to do in Taizhong City

 1: Kaomei Wetland
Kaomei Wetland is located in the west of Qingshui Town, Taichung County which is a superb habitat for various benthic organisms, fishes, birds and other palmipeds. It is a famous place for bird watching and sunset viewing in Taichung. By virtue of various habitats, such as tidal stream, meadow, sand, gravel and mudflat, it harbors a wide variety of benthic organisms.

 2: Rainbow Village
The village is a 50-meter-long alley with colorful walls painted with portraits, birds and water buffalo. The ground is painted with rainbows, flowers and blessings. All of those are the works of an old solider living there, who turns the original village into a fairytale world.

 3: Yushan National Park
Situated at the center of Taiwan, Yushan National Park is named after its highest peak called Jade Mountain. With an elevation of 3,952 meters (4322 yards), Jade Mountain is the highest mountain in Taiwan, which looks like flawless jade because of the thick snow on the top. The beauty of Jade Mountain lies in its strange peak, high and lofty. A wonderful perspective of Taiwan and Pacific Ocean can be seen from the peak of the mountain.
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