Hotan Yutian Airport

Hotan Yutian Airport will start to build in 2019 or 2020. According to the plan, it will build a runway of 3.2 kilometers (2 miles), a terminal building with an area of 3000 square meters. In the later period, its terminal will be extended to an area of 10000 square meters.


Around 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from downtown area, Hotan Yutian Airport is located in Yutian County, Hotan City of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

How to Travel to Hotan Presently?

1: By Train

Hotan Railway Station is only 3.5 kilometers away from the city center. Now, it operates trains to/from Aksu, Shihezi, Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar, Shache… City bus line 410 is available at the railway station.

2: By Air

 Option 1: Fly to Hotan Airport Directly
Hotan Airport is located in Southwest of Hotan City, about 11.5 kilometers (7 miles) from the city center. There are flights to/from Beijing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Shanghai, Korla, Kashi, Karamay, Qiemo, Xi’an and Yining. Passengers can take city bus line 9 to downtown Hotan.

 Option 2: Transfer at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport
 Step 1: Fly to Urumqi Diwopu International Airport
Diwopu International Airport is located about 16.8 kilometers (10 miles) away from the downtown Urumqi. Passenger can take the flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen and more than 80 cities.
Step 2: Travel from Urumqi Airport to Hotan

 1: By Plane
Take the flights from Diwopu International Airport to Hotan Airport directly. The flights from Urumqi to Hotan are 6 on each Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun and 7 on each Tues, Thurs and Sun. The journey time is about 2 hours.
 2: By Train
Take Airport – South Railway Station shuttle bus from airport to Urumqi South Railway Station. It takes about 55 minutes and costs CNY 15.
The trains departing to Hotan operate from 08:17 to 10:59 with 3 trains each day. The duration is 23 hours and 20 minutes, the ticket price is CNY 630 for soft sleeper, CNY 397 for hard sleeper and CNY 217 for hard seat.

Hotan City Guide

  1: Hotan Museum
It is located in Beijing Road of Hotan. It was founded in 1995 and opened to the public in 2005. There are 9,108 cultural relics in the collection, with a total area of 3,400 square meters. There are many relics and tomb sites are exhibited in the museum, visitors can have a deep understanding about the culture of western regions in ancient China by appreciating these sites.
 2: Longhu Scenic Area
Longhu Scenic Area is about 30 kilometers (19 miles) away from Yutian county. The Scenic Area consists of Longhu Lake, Ghost Woods, Songzi Spring, Cultural Museum, Wooden Plank Road and other scenic spots. With a total area of 2,345 mu, the scenery there is natural and unique with dense wetlands, which can be compared to Jiangnan Water Town. So it is an ideal resort for people to spend summer vacation and leisure. Adjacent to the desert, Longhu Scenic Area is a rare oasis in the desert and its unique scenery has attracted a number of tourists and residents from the surrounding areas.
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