Egypt Travel Tips


Citizens from most countries and regions can get a visa on arrival in Egypt for tourism or business purposes. Such countries and regions are US, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, etc.

Citizens from countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel etc. are required to apply for a visa beforehand.


Local currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP, originally as LE)
Most hotels and local stores accept EGP and US dollars for payment.

Below is the food price from a local market for reference:
Black Forest (Medium): EGP 69.99
Import Banana (1kg): EGP 18
Cucumber (1kg): EGP 13.99
Fish (1kg): EGP 16.99
Coca Cola (1L): EGP 5.5
Juice (1L): EGP 8.25
Rice (1kg): EGP 5.75
Apple (1kg): EGP 20.75

Tipping: when staying in the hotel, you may give USD 1 per day as a tip. Pay EGP 1 for using the public restroom. Prepare EGP 5 as a tip when you take the horse cart.


The accommodation cost of many hotels in downtown Cairo and the surrounding areas is USD 40-150 per day. For guesthouse, the cost is around USD 30-100 per day. The accommodation cost per night on a five-star cruise is around USD 50. Please be noted that hotels and restaurants in Egypt do not provide personal care necessities such as slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, and hair dryer etc.


Egyptian breakfast generally includes canned broad beans, fried pea cakes, boiled eggs or fried eggs, ham slices, yoghurt, Egyptian ciabatta, cheese, Feta cheese, Turkish cheese pie, milk tea, mint tea or Turkey Coffee, pickles, salty olives or pickled eggplant. For lunch, local people usually eat Kushri (rice mixed with chickpeas, macaroni, tomato, fried onions, lentils, short noodles) or vegetable stuffed rice, or delicious milk or grilled rice. For traditional dinner, the staple food is not much different from lunch, such as barbecue, salad and various vegetables, followed by dessert, and finally a cup of tea or coffee.


What to buy: sculptures, hookah, spices, papyrus, copper plates, Arabian-style headscarves, carpets and tapestries, silver ornaments, T-shirts, Islamic robes, belly dance costumes, Egyptian cotton, glassware, plaster statues, etc.

Where to Buy:
Khan al-Khalili in Cairo: the most popular market where you can buy most of the souvenirs.
Old and New Souk in Luxor: with souvenirs, daily necessities and lots of fruit.
Sooke Street in Aswan: a lively Arab style commercial street.


Sinai Liberation Day - Apr. 25
It is the day when the Egyptian people celebrate the return of Sinai. At that time, all people would have a day off and the whole country would be in the joyful atmosphere.

Arabian Horse Festival - May
Location: Sharkiya
A large number of participants from Arab countries, Europe and the United States participate in this event every year. The activity has greatly promoted sport tour and has become a highlight of international horse racing.

Pharaoh Rally Festival - October
Location: Giza
For 11 days, competitors from all over the world come to drive a vehicle (four-wheel auto vehicle or bicycle) to travel for 4,800 kilometers (2,983 miles). Both the starting point and the finish point are at the pyramid.

Power Supply

Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Power Outlet: Type C and F

Telephone and Internet

It is a wise choice to buy the Egyptian SIM card at the airport lobby upon arrival. There are two telephone companies, Vodafone and mobibil. A phone card costs about EGP 50. You can spend EGP 20 to buy 1GB's network or EGP 50 for 3GB. 3G networks are nationally covered. Each time after making a phone call, you will receive a balance message from the phone operator.

Emergency call
Police: 122
Fire: 180
First aid: 123

Dos and Don'ts

Do not use left hand to touch food or plates, shake hand or pass staffs to people.
Do not talk during a formal dinner.
Do not make sound when drinking soup.
Avoid drinking wine outside bars and restaurants.
Avoid eating pork and dog meat as well as talking about pigs and dogs.
Do not eat shrimp, crab and other seafood, animal internal organs (except the liver), squid, turtle and other strange fish.
Men should not take the initiative to talk with women; do not praise woman's body.
Do not praise the collections of the Egyptian family otherwise they will think that you are asking for that.
Do not talk about religious disputes with Egyptians.
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