Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Benin

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Diao Mingsheng
Address: No. 2, Route De L'Aeroport, Cotonou, Benin
Mailing Address: 01 B.P. 196 Recette Principal, Cotonou, Benin
Tel: +229-21301292, 21305545, 96204907
Fax: +229-21300841
Email: chinaemb_bj@mfa.gov.cn

Consular Office

Tel: +229-21301292
Office Hours:
08:30-11:30, Monday to Friday (except holidays)

  Sections of Chinese Embassy in Benin

Sections Information
Consular Office Tel: +229-21301292
Office Hours: 08:30-11:30, Monday to Friday (except holidays)
Cultural Office Chief: Counselor Bai Guangming
Address: Avenue Jean-Paul II, B.P.(08) 255, Cotonou
Tel: 229-21313174, 21315214
Fax: 229-21314833
Email: ccccoo@chinaculture.org
Office Hours: 08:30-12:00, 15:00-17:30, Tuesday-Saturday (except holidays)
Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office Chief: Counselor Ma Genxi
Address: Route No. 2 de L'Aeroport, Zone Des Ambassade, Cotonou, P. O. Box 08-0167 (0462)
Tel: +229-21301097, 21300336, 21307409, 21301909
Fax: +229-21301639
Email: bj@mofcom.gov.cn

 Brief Intro
The Republic of Benin is seated in western Africa, facing southward to the Gulf of Guinea. Coast plain are had tropical rainforest climate. April to July and September to November are the rainy seasons in southern Benin. In the north, the rainy season ranges from March to September.  
Neighboring countries: Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo 
Land Area: about 112,622 square kilometers (43,484 square miles)
Capital: Porto-Novo (the seat of the parliament); Cotonou (the seat of the government)
Time: It is 1 hour earlier than GMT and 7 hours later than Beijing Time. 
Official Language: French  
Major Religions: Fetishism, Christianism, Islam
Currency: centime, CFA franc

 Notices for Chinese Going to Benin
1. Visa: China had visa abolition agreement with Benin. Chinese with diplomatic and official passports can stay for 90 days without visas. Ordinary visa for private visits should be applied from their embassy in China. You can apply for residence visa or foreigner residential permit at local immigration bureau. In principle, the entry port does not issue on-site visa.
2. Aside from valid passport and visa, International Certificate of Vaccination are also needed while entering the country. 

3. For Chinese citizens who want to be resident or for business, various notarizations, authentications, no criminal record, health certificate and driver's license had better to be done in China, in case to facilitate the procedures in Benin.

 Please contact Embassy of Benin in China if nationals of Benin have problems there. 

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