China Embassy in Cameroun

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Wei Wenhua
Address: BP 1307, Nouveau Bastos, Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel: +237-22-210083
Fax: +237-22-214395
Duty Phone: +237-697699283

Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Cameroun
Address: B.P. 11608 Yaounde
Fax: +237-22-203191
Tel: +237-22-212331, 212330, 212326, 210091
Mobile Phone: +237-699513080, 694146558, 695615050, 696298374

Consulate-General of PRC in Douala
Consul General: Mr. Guang Ruoxun
Address: 125, Rue 1042, Quartier, Hydrocarbure, Douala (B. P. 4391)
Tel: +237-33426276
Fax: +237-33426214
Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office
Tel: +237-33-425437

Economy: Cameroon has advantageous geographical position, extending across the equatorial rainforest climate zone and tropical grassy climate zone. Therefore, temperature and precipitation are very suitable for agricultural development. The country has enough grain and to spare, so it is reputed to be 'Barn of Central Africa'.

Agriculture and stockbreeding are the pillar industries in the national economy . But the industry also has certain base and scale. Its national economy has maintained steady growth in recent years. Its per capita GDP reached 952.3 dollars in 2005.

Cameroun abounds in forest resources. The forest area covers about 22 million hectares, making up 42 percent of its total land. Lumber is the second product that can earn foreign exchange through export. Moreover, Cameroun is also richly endowed with water power resources and minerals. The available waterpower accounts for 3 percent of the world's hydropower resources. The main minerals are bauxite, rutile, cobalt and nickel, gold, diamond, marble, limestone and mica.

Cameroun boasts many unique tourist resources. It has enchanting sand beach, luxuriant virgin forests, clear lakes and rivers. 

 Please contact Embassy of Cameroun in China if citizens of Cameroon have problems there. 

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Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr. peter
Please I want to get married a chines girl.what document do i need from the ebassy to prove that am not married back home

 Answered by Mr. Helper
You should get a Single Status Certificate certified by your Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Cameroon.

  Asked by Mr. Niba 
Can anyone advise me on the procedures to get a business visa to China,how long does it takes to process it ,the cost and all documents required to apply for it .The soonest response will be mostly appreciated.

 Answered by Ms.Vivian
First, your Chinese partner should apply for an invitation letter for you from an authorized departments of Chinese Government such as their local foreign affairs office, then you go to the China embassy to submit the application during their office hours.
Besides the two documents I mentioned above, the valid passport (at least six months before expiration) with blank visa pages and copy of the first three pages, completed Application Form are also required. it takes 4 working days for visa processing.

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