China Embassy in Central Africa

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Ma Fulin
Address: Avenue Des Martyrs, Bangui, Republic of Central Africa
Post Box: B.P.1430
Tel: +236-21612760
Fax: +236-21613183

Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Central Africa

Post Box: B.P. 1369 Bangui
Tel: +236-21614682
Fax: +236-21614358 
Mobile Phone of Contact Person:
Counselor Bao Zhanhao: +236-75508917
Second Secretary Yang Guoning: +236-75548534
Second Secretary Zhao Lehong: +236-75523988

 Brief Introduction of the Republic of Central Africa
Population: 4,000,000
Area: 622,984 square kilometers
Official Language: French, Sango
Chief of State: President Francois Bozize Yangouvonda
Religion: 20% Catholic, 15% Protestants, 5% Islamists, 60% Primitive Religion
Important Festivals: Independence Day on August 13, National Day on December 1

 Climate: It is tropical savanna climate in the north part, and it is tropical forest climate in the south part. The annual average temperature is 26 degrees centigrade.

 Nationality: There are more than 60 ethnic groups in Central Africa, and they can be divided into 10 nationality areas according to the living areas, Gbaya, Banda, Bantu, Oubanguiens, Ngbandi, Manjia, Sala, Sango, Mbaka.

 Geography: Central Africa is a landlocked country in the central part of Africa continent. It is bordered by Sudan in the east, by Congo (Brazzaville) and Congo (Kinshasa) in the south, by Cameroon in the west and by Chad in the north.

 Economy: Central Africa is an agricultural country and its basic industries are very weak, so it is regarded to be one of the least developed countries in the world. However, it is rich in mineral resources, for example, diamond, iron, gold, uranium, copper, limestone, nickel. It also abounds in forests, coffee and cotton. Its forest area has reached 102,000 square kilometers, accounting for 16% of the total area. It teems with tropical precious lumbers. Diamond, coffee, cotton and lumber are the four pillar industries of the poor country.

 Please contact Embassy of Central Africa in China if Central Africans are in problems there. 

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Questions & Answers on China Embassy in Central Africa
Asked by ALIF Ullah from BANGLADESH | Aug. 18, 2018 07:06Reply
Chinese Visa for Bangladeshi National
Dear sir
I am a Bangladeshi national holding official passport. I am working in Central African Republic as UN Peacekeeper. I want to visit China for one week. Do I need visa? If yes, then how can I get it? Thank you in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Joyce from UK | Aug. 20, 2018 01:54

As I know, you don't need a visa for mainland China by holding your official passport.
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