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Chinese Embassy in Jordan

Ambassador: Mr. Chen Chuandong
Address: No. 9, Jakarta Street, Rabyah, Amman, Jordan
Mailing Address: P.O.BOX 7365, 11118, Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962-6-5518896
Fax: +962-6-5518713
Office Hours:
08:30-14:00, Sunday-Thursday (except holidays)
Email: chinaemb_jo@mfa.gov.cn

Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in Jordan

Address: No.19 Mecca Street-Um Uthainah, Amman, Jordan 
Tel: +962-6-5518521, 09:00 - 13:00 from Sunday to Thursday
Fax: +962-6-5537743
Email: amman@csm.mfa.gov.cn
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, Sunday-Thursday (except holidays)

Visa Application

Citizens of Jordan holding ordinary passports need a visa to enter Mainland China. They can enter Hong Koing visa-free and stay for no more than 30 days. To Macau, they are eligible for Macau visa on arrival, and the price is MOP 200 for a single entry and MOP 300 for multiple entries.

Visa Fees

Regular Visa Fee

Types Jordanian Citizens Citizens of Other Countries
Single-Entry JOD 26 JOD 20
Double-Entry JOD 40 JOD 29
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity JOD 53 JOD 39
Multi-Entry with 12-month Validity JOD 79 JOD 59
Effective from Dec. 11, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2024.
2. The regular processing time is 4 working days. For urgent cases, express service taking 2-3 working days is available with an additional fees of JOD 18.


Jordan Profile

Full Name: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Capital:  Amman
Language: Arabic as the official language, English is also widely used
Currency: Jordanian Dinar (Dinar), maintains a fixed exchange rate with US Dollars, with $1 equivalent to about 0.71 Dinar.
Population: 11.05 million (2021), over 60% are Palestinians. 98% of the population is Arab, with small numbers of Circassians, Turkmen, and Armenians.
Religion: Islam is the national religion, with 92% of the population belonging to the Sunni branch, 2% Shi'ah and Druze branch. Another 6% are Christian, mainly belonging to the Orthodox Church.

Geographic features: Located in northwest of Arabian Peninsula, Jordan borders with Palestine and Israel in the west, Syria in the north, Iraq in the northeast, and Saudi Arabia in the south and east. With over 80% of its territory covered by deserts, it’s one of the top 10 countries with severe water scarcity in the world.  

Things to do: Jordan is a country with profound history and ancient civilization. In this landlocked desert country, you can find various cultural relics and heritages, unique customs and traditions, and hospitable local people. The capital city Amman, lively blends both ancient and modern elements, has so many must-sees such as the Castle Mountain, the ancient Roman Theater, the King Abdullah Mosque, the National Museum, etc. The 2,000 years old Petra ancient city was listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The Dead Sea, the lowest on land and saltiest water in the world, enables tourists to float effortlessly on the surface of the lake. With so much to offer, a Jordan tour would definitely be a lifetime memory.                                                                                

Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Ms. Jameela 
Dear All,
Could you please inform me if there are any document needed to acquire the visa beside the invitation letter since i am planning to visit on a business trip? 

 Answered by Mr. John 
You will have to apply for a business F type and a invitation letter from your Chinese partner is necessary.

  Asked by Ms. Sandra
As an American citizen,living here,do I need to apply for a visa here, or can I get one on arrival at the airport???

 Answered by Mr. Leonardo
You can not get it upon arrival. You must do application before your departure.

   Asked by Mrs. Doaa' Shboul
Hi, my fiance and i are interested in visiting Hong Kong for our honeymoon and we were checking the information about application and i am bit confused! As Jordanian Citizens, do we need to issue a visa to hong kong for our 11 days stay?

 Answered by Mr. Peter
Jordan passport holders don't need one to Hong Kong for up to 30 days.

 Please contact Embassy of Jordan in China if Jordanian citizens are in troubles there.

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Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassy in Jordan
Asked by ahmad from JORDAN | Feb. 27, 2023 11:51Reply
Hello, Ni Hao, I have an inquiry about booking Appointment from online official website,cova.mfa.cn
i have tried hundreds of times to book a date at different time intervals since last nearly 6 days but failed and the moment it says 'passed' i pressed ' ok' - a massage pop up ( ''the maximum number of people making appointment at one time is 0 .please make change'' ) am i been accepted or shall i re-book again there's no any related guidance to show me what to do next !
tried to take my visa application to the Esteemed Consular desk but insisted on me to retry to book an appointment again>
seeking you kind help
Answers (2)
Answered by Garry | Feb. 27, 2023 18:21

I'm in the same situation. There are too many people making appoinment and it is always full in seconds.
Answered by ahmad | Mar. 04, 2023 01:33

hmmm still trying to get an appointment, the major issue here if my ''try'' was a ((fail)) or a ((success )) there is no message to show that , to tell the applicant -failed- try gain ....or -succeeded- you will get and appointment date ....by Email. for example .i am really lost here should i keep trying for ages ? what are the working hours for appointment booking ? is it 24hr opened ?
Asked by Marc from USA | Feb. 07, 2023 11:52Reply
If I have a Jordanian citizen also American citizen. Which one best to apply for China visa?
If I have a Jordanian citizen also American citizen. Which one best to apply for China visa? Keeping in mind I have a visa before on us passport. Would that cause a problem?
Answers (1)
Answered by Eric | Feb. 09, 2023 17:30

The US passport is better because it has a China visa already. Usually, it is easier to apply for the second time.
Asked by S from JORDAN | Feb. 09, 2021 06:09Reply
How do I apply for a visa in Amman for China? I will be working there next year
I will be working there next year and need to get my visa process started. Is this possible from Amman?
Thank you
Kind regards
Answers (1)
Answered by Jason | Feb. 17, 2021 23:43

You can collect the required documents and submit them to the Chinese Embassy in Jordan. It's possible to do while you are working there.
Asked by ahmad from JORDAN | Jan. 13, 2021 21:11Reply
applying for Chinese visa
good morning,

i have business trip to china on the first of march, is it possible to apply ?

if its yes please send me email or your contact details of your office.

Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian | Jan. 18, 2021 01:27

If you are in an emergency and can get a PU or TE invitation letter from China, it is possible to apply for a business visa.
Asked by Tarik Fathi Khalil Mohammad from JORDAN | Nov. 23, 2020 14:41Reply
Jordanian American living in Jordan wanting to learn more about living in china
I have not worked in over 20 yrs. My profession was Massage Therapy. I have made a good life in Jordan. However, I would like to live the rest of my life in a modern comfort and since China is leading in technology, I would like to learn more about possibility of becoming a resident in China. I do not seek employment. I like having the ability to live life without working. I've been living in Jordan since 2003 and have gotten used to the security provided to live in Jordan and love to have that ability of security standards in China. But would like to enjoy my life in modern comfort.
I grew up in Santa Barbara Ca, I love nature and small towns. I also drink alcohol. But, I do like to keep to my self. Living down here in Jordan, alcohol drinking is frowned upon; I do not go to shop or consume alcohol while in Jordan. Thus, I avoid such locations and social gatherings. I am a Muslim by faith and a pacifist by nature.
Plz let me know which location I could visit first on a 12 month visa if possible.
Answers (4)
Answered by Ares | Nov. 26, 2020 22:00

Well, if you don't have a family in China, and you don't want to study or work in China, it's not very likely to get a 12 month visa. China is a large country where you can find many locations meeting your requirements.
Answered by Tarik | Dec. 06, 2020 10:00

Thank you for responding. I did the research for 20 min and discovered Dali. I understand that no family and no work means no visa, but isn't travel a study of discovering the diversity of other people's societies and ways of life in its own study?
Answered by Ares | Dec. 06, 2020 23:27

But this is simply considered as Travel, not Study in the consular officers' eyes.
Answered by tarik | Dec. 12, 2020 10:23

understood, is it possible to get a multi-entry visa, for example, the 12 months one, on a long-term visa or would one be using the entry visa of the 10 days given to Jordanians at the airport? and is it still a 10-day visa given at the airport?
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