Chinese Embassy in Lesotho

Ambassador: Mr. Lei Kezhong
Address: United Nations Road, Maseru 100, Lesotho (P. O. Box 380)
Tel: +266-22316521 (24-Hour Telephone)
Fax: +266-22310481

Consular Office

Tel: +266-58882882, 14:30 - 16:30 on working days

Visa Application

Citizens of Lesotho need a visa to China Mainland. To Hong Kong China, they are exempted from visa application if the duration of stay is no more than 14 days.

Visa Fees

Regular Visa Fee per Person

Visa Types Lesotho Citizens Citizens of Other Countries
Single-Entry with 3-month Validity LSL 125 LSL 250
Double-Entry with 3-month Validity LSL 190 LSL 380
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity LSL 250 LSL 500
Multi-Entry with 12-month Validity LSL 375 LSL 750
Hong Kong Visa/Entry Permit LSL 250 LSL 250

Expedited Service Fee per Person

The regular processing time is 4 working days. For urgent cases, the expedited service is available. Moreover, additional fees will be paid as following:
1 working day processing LSL 250
2-3 working days processing LSL 170

 Please contact Embassy of Lesotho in China if this country's citizens are in problems there. 

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Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Mr. khawaja(pakistan)
dear sir/madam,
my company name is first apparel manufacturing pty ltd located in Mputsoe.Iits been 9months I have started my business here in lasotho currently I’ve got 200workers working in my factory. I need a single entry visa for business meeting in HONG KONG urgent would u pls kind to tell me what documents do I need to proceed for HONG KONG VISA. I will highly appreciate if u can reply back early Monday morning coz the meeting is on 24th of this month. Thank you in advance. 

 Answered by Mr. Joe(Canada )
The following documents and materials are required for applications:
1. Valid passport of the applicant.
2. Completed application forms ID 1003A.
3. Invitation from relevant departments of Hong Kong Government or from Hong-Kong-based international organizations; Or photocopy of stamps of entry and exit of Hong Kong within the last 6 months; Or valid visa of USA, UK, Schengen States or other developed countries.
4. Return air ticket for Hong Kong and its photocopy.
5. Hong Kong hotel voucher of room reservation.
6. Income certificate or bank statement of the applicant.

Each application is considered on its own merits. The processing time normally takes about 4-6 weeks or more due to Hong Kong Immigration's approval. However it varies from case to case and depends on the sufficiency and expedition of the supporting documents provided. Mention of a Hong Kong reference (if any) will assist in conducting enquiries and avoid unnecessary delay.

  Asked by Ms. kekana(lesotho)
Hello, I want to study, so I am still in the process of applying and I have all the requirements except the recommendation letters. My lecture needs admission letter from the university that am going to pursue my studies. so what should I do?

 Answered by Ms. MILES
Contact your university first for this letters. The admission letter is required together with the Form JW-201 or Form JW-202.

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Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassy in Lesotho
Asked by Teboho from LESOTHO | Sep. 27, 2023 23:36Reply
Visa application
Will you be open this Friday?
Answers (3)
Answered by Pepper | Sep. 28, 2023 00:12

No, it closes this Friday for Mid-Autumn Festival leave.
Answered by Teboho | Sep. 28, 2023 04:51

When are you re opening
Answered by Pepper | Oct. 06, 2023 19:05

They will reopen on October 7.
Asked by Teboho from LESOTHO | Sep. 13, 2023 07:27Reply
Student visa
How much is a student visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew | Sep. 13, 2023 19:57

It costs M1,500 for a single entry visa.
Asked by Lanie from LESOTHO | May. 25, 2023 08:01Reply
Z-Class visa application
Hi there!
What are requirements needed to apply for the z-class visa? Please include the fee.
Answers (1)
Answered by Cindy | May. 25, 2023 23:28

You need to prepare an effective “Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit” or the original “Foreigner's Work Permit” which are generally issued by Chinese authorities. Besides that, you also need to prepare the following material:
1. Application form completed online: ( please print out the full form, 8 pages in total);

2.Original passport and photocopy of the information page or other pages if needed

3. One original photo same as in the application form;

It costs M 3,000 for Multiple Entries/ 6 Months and M 4,500 for Multiple Entries/ 12 Months
Asked by Madiaho from LESOTHO | Jan. 30, 2023 13:42Reply
What are the chances for one to be sponsored by the embassy if she is studying at university in South Africa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Feb. 05, 2023 18:18

Only excellent students can get the sponsorship and the chance is not high really.
Asked by Samuel from LESOTHO | Jul. 15, 2021 12:07Reply
Application for visa
Hello I am Samuel and I applied and was admitted to the university of Shenyang I'd like to know if student visas are available at this moment
Answers (1)
Answered by Tracy | Jul. 19, 2021 20:07

Samuel, I'm afraid it's not.
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