China Embassy in Monaco

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Zhai Jun (Concurrently Act as Chinese Ambassador in France)
Currently, there is no Chinese embassy in Monaco, so please refer to Chinese Embassy in France if you need the detailed information.

National Day: November 19
Capital: Monaco-Ville
Head of State: Prince Albert II ascended the throng on July 12, 2005.
Religion: 96 percent of the total people are believers of Roman Catholicism.
Language: French is the official language; Italian and English are universal languages.
People: Monaco has a population of about 34,000 with 58% French, 19% Monacan citizens, 17% Italian and 6% of other nationals. 

Geography: This miniature country covers only 1.95 square kilometers. Situated in the southwest of Europe, this principality is bounded by France in the north, east and west sides, by Mediterranean Sea in the south. The highest altitude of this mountainous state is 573 meters.

Tourism: Monaco, this most beautiful harbor in the Mediterranean Sea. It is richly endowed with natural tourist resources, fine sunshine, beach, clear air and sky-blue sea. Luxurious Monte Carlo Casino and world-famous Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix attract thousands of foreign tourists every year. They want to try their luck at gambling in the well-known Grand Casino or appreciate the very exciting match. The other notable attractions are the Royal Palace, the Maritime Museum and the Monaco Cathedral. In a word, it is a health resort of European noblemen and the the playground of the rich.

Brief History: Phoenicians built castles in this enclave in the old ages. In medieval times, as the Republic of Genoa had gotten more and more powerful, it became a town under the protection of Genoa. It has been ruled by the Grimaldi Family since 1297. In 1338, it became an independent principality. Then in different ages, it was successively under the protection of Spain, Sardinia and France. In 1911, Monaco issued constitution and became a constitutional monarchy, regaining its sovereignty. In 1919, Monaco signed a treaty with France, which requires that Monaco will be annexed to France's territory if chief of state died and he has no sons.

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