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China Embassy in Turkey

 Visa Application Form of PRC 

Ambassador: Mr. Yu Hongyang
Address: Golgeli Sokak No. 34, 06700 Gaziosmanpasa/Ankara, 06700, Turkey
Tel: +90-312-4360628
Fax: +90-312-4464248
Email: chinaemb_tr@mfa.gov.cn 

Economic & Commercial Counselor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Turkey

Address: Horasan Sokak No. 8, 06700 Gaziosmanpasa-Ankara
Tel: +90-312-4377107
Fax: +90-312-4466762
Email: tr@mofcom.gov.cn

Consular Districts

Except Bursa Province, Izmir Province


Consulate-General of the PRC in Istanbul

Consul General: Mr. Gu Jingqi
Address: Ahi Çelebi Cad. Çoban Çeşme Sok. No: 4, Tarabya, Sarıyer, İstanbul
Tel: +90-212-2993731, 2992634
Fax: +90-212-2992633
Email: chinaconsul_ist_tr@mfa.gov.cn 
Consular Office: Tel: +90-212-2992188, Fax: +90-212-2992855
Economic & Commercial Office: Tel: +90-212-2992631, Fax: +90-212-2992632
Administrative Office: Tel: +90-212-2996385

Consular Districts

Bursa Province, Izmir Province 

How to Get a Chinese Visa in Turkey?

Since October 27, 2015, residents living in the consular districts of the Chinese consulates in Istanbul and Izmir should go to the CVASC office in Istanbul to applying for a Chinese visa in Turkey if they are holding ordinary passports. Holders of diplomatic, service (official) passport, or applicants applying for Chinese diplomatic, courtesy and service visa, or applicants applying for visa/entry permit for Hong Kong/Macau can still submit their applications directly to the consulate in Istanbul. Residents in the consular district of the embassy in Ankara can still apply from the consular section of the embassy.

Details About the CVASC in Istanbul

Address: MEYDAN SK.NO: 5 SPRING GIZ PLZ. (34398)47, 48 NO.BAG.BO.K.14 SARIYER
Business Hours: Monday - Friday (holiday excepted)
Application Submission: 09:00 - 15:00 (urgent service closes at 11:30)
Payment and Collection: 09:00 - 16:00
Tel: (212) 3058000 or (212) 2760700
Fax: (212) 2760702
Email: istanbulcenter@visaforchina.org

Fees (pay in USD)


Types Regular Express Rush
3-month Single Entry 58 83 93
6-month Double Entry 87 112 122
6-month Multi-Entry 116 141 151
12-month Multi-Entry 195 220 230

US citizens

Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 140 165 175


Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 80 105 115


Types Regular Express Rush
3-month Single Entry 75 100 110
6-month Double Entry 100 125 135
6-month Multi-Entry 150 175 185
12-month Multi-Entry 150 175 185

Citizens of Other Countries

Types Regular Express Rush
3-month Single Entry 30 55 65
6-month Double Entry 45 70 80
6-month Multi-Entry 60 85 95
12-month Multi-Entry 90 115 125

Group Visa

Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double entry 46 71 ---

1. The regular processing time is 7 working days; express service takes 4 working days; rush service takes 2 working days.
2. This Centre accepts U.S. dollars and Turkish liras in cash or by debit card; the fees of mailing-back application should be paid only through bank remittance with U.S. dollars. You will be informed about the amount of payment when your passport is ready for return.

Application to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

Turkish nationals possessing any kind of valid Turkish passport can enter Hong Kong without a visa if they go here for tourism and business and stay here up to 90 days. If any Turkish national intends to go to the mainland from Hong Kong, he or she is required to gain a Chinese visa before departing. 
 Please contact Embassy of Turkey in China if Turks are in troubles there.
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- Last modified on Aug. 18, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on China Embassy in Turkey
Asked by D from FRANCE (TURKISH CITIZEN) | Sep. 19, 2019 02:45Reply
Chinese Visa for Conference
I am a Turkish citizen and I am applying to Chinese visa to go to a conference. I received an invitation letter with all signature and contact information and it works for most nationalities, however since I hold Turkish passport, the embassy is asking me for the official invitation letter (TE). The conference organizers are not helpful about getting a TE although it should take them a couple of days only. They say it is a busy period for paperwork as there is a national holiday and I won't be able to get it in time, they say the embassy can call them to confirm their IDs etc etc. It is really frustrating they just won't bother. Is there any way I can waive this requirement? I have my round trip flights, train tickets, hotels booked, I have a letter from my employee that says they will be covering all costs. I can get my criminal records, whatever is needed. It is not a training program but a simply conference.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ross from USA | Sep. 22, 2019 23:38

If the embassy insists that you need this TE letter, I'm afraid you have to submit it.
Asked by Burak from NETHERLANDS | Aug. 16, 2019 07:19Reply
Hi! I have a Turkish passport and need to travel from Netherlands to China for business.
The company in China can't issue me an invitation letter from the municipality because all their activities are registered in Hong Kong. What documents can I provide to safely apply for my visa? Many thanks in advance!
Answers (1)
Answered by Lori from AMERICA | Aug. 18, 2019 20:55

The invitation letter is required when you apply for the visa. if the company is registered in Hong Kong, you could only been invited to Hong Kong.
Asked by lisa from EUROPE | Aug. 10, 2019 15:00Reply
Hello! I have European passport, but already 2 years I’m living in Istanbul.
Next month I need go to China. Is it possible to make visa for China in Turkey or I need go back to my contry to make it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Susie from TURKEY | Aug. 13, 2019 19:14

Lisa, you can apply from the China Visa Application Service Center in Istanbul. Apart from normal documents, you need to submit your residence permit, work permit, student permit or Turkish visa.
Asked by Zara from TURKEY | Jul. 28, 2019 11:40Reply
Document authenticating for Chinese work visa
Hi, can a non Turkish citizen authenticate her diploma and criminal background for Chinese work visa in Turkey? Or should travel all the way back home to get them authenticated?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from USA | Jul. 29, 2019 19:28

Zara, you need to authenticate in your home country.
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