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Shaanxi - Baoji Hiking Tours

This tour will lead you to appreciate the distinctive beauty of the Guanzhong Plain by visiting the imposing mountains and the strategic frontier.

Travelers can take bus No 17 from Baoji city and get off at the bus stop of Shitoujiu (Bus ticket: CNY5.00 net per person). Then take a taxi to Mt. Tiantai Scenic Area (Taxi fee: CNY10.00 net for one way). Alternatively, the scenic area can be accessed by a taxi form Baoji city directly with an approximate taxi fee of CNY30.00 net for one way. Mt. Tiantai, 3 kilometers south of the city, is one of the Qinling Mountains. It is reportedly the birthplace of Emperor Yan. The present scenic spot occupies an area of 124 square kilometers. (Admission fee: CNY21.00 net per person)

After a half day tour, take a tourist bus to Dasanguan (Sanguan Pass), one of the four famous passes to the Guanzhou Plain. It is located on the riverbank of the Qingjiang River, 26 kilometers southwest of Baoji city. Because of the special geographic points, it was a crucial strategic place in ancient times. It was said that if one man guards the pass, then ten thousand are unable to get through. In addition to the historical significance, the spot also boasts breathtaking natural beauty. (Admission fee: CNY10.00 net per person)

Two Days of Baoji - Diaoyutai - Wuzhangyuan - Famen Temple
A culture and history tour to Diaoyutai, an old haunt for an outstanding official; Wuzhangyuan, a significant strategic point and Famen Temple with its miraculous subterranean palace.

Diaoyutai is located 30 kilometers southeast of Baoji City. Travelers can take a coach from Baoji to Gui Town (Coach ticket: CNY2.00 net per person). Get off at the bus stop of Dongguan and connect a coach to Tianwang Town (Coach ticket: CNY1.00 net per person), where you can find a minicar to Diaoyutai Scenic Area (Car ticket: CNY2.00 net per person). Diaoyutai was reportedly the place where Jiang Ziya (1156B.C.-1017B.C.), a celebrated statesman and military strategist, lived a reclusive life. The present scenic area consists of eight zones including Diaoyutai, a film location, Mt. Bijia and etc. (Admission fee: CNY20.00 net per person

Rent a car from Diaoyutai to Wuzhangyuan Scenic Area, 56 kilometers east of Baoji. (Rental charge: CNY100.00 net one way). Wuzhangyuan, 3.5 kilometers long from south to north, was a strategic point in ancient times. In the current area, around 50 square kilometers, grotesque rocks, streams and bushy forests can be seen everywhere. In addition to the natural beauty, the culture sites of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu have attracted more and more travelers

Travel to Fufeng County by renting a car at the exit of Wuzhangyuan Scenic Area at the cost of about CNY40.00 net one way. Stay in the county for one night. (Recommended hotel: Fufeng Hotel; Address: the cross corner of Shengli Road; Contact Numbers: 0917-5211182/ 5211181

Take a traveling line bus from the county to Famen Temple the next morning. Famen Temple, situated 10 kilometers north of Fufeng, boasts a history of 1700 years and is reputed as "the ancestor of pagodas and shrines in the Guanzhong Plain". After a half day tour, transfer back to the county to take a coach back to Baoji or continue the journey to Xi'an City.
Two Tours of Baoji - Mt. Tiantai
01: Dudu Gate-South of Tiejiashu (3 days)
02: Tangkou-Mt.Ao -BaxianTai (7 days) 
01: Dudu Gate-South of Tiejiashu
On this route, you will go through and see Houzhenzi, the Old County, Dudu Gate, an ancient temple, Paomaliang, Dayehai, Baxiantai, Natian Gate and finally arrive at Tiejiashu. It is a frequently-used, well-traveled route for hiking on the Mount Taibai. The entire hiking tour will takes about three days. It is a very demanding route since the average altitude is above 3,000 meters (9,842.5 feet). But the natural scenery along the route, such as the stones, forests, lakes and clouds, are make it worth the effort. 

02: Tangkou-Mt.Ao -BaxianTai
In detail, this route will go through and see the Mount Ao, YaowangTemple, Feijiliang, Maijiling, Xiyuan, Taibailiang, Dongyuan, and Paomaliang and finally reach BaxianTai. It will lead your travel across Mount Taibai from east to west. Experienced hikers say that this route is the longest, the most demanding and has the most attractive natural sights. Thus it is considered a 'super hiking route'. The average elevation is still above 3,000 meters (9,842.5 feet). Just get prepared for a seven-day venturesome journey.
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