Hanoi Weather in January


Season: Cool Season or Winter

In general, the Hanoi weather in January is a little cold and the average temperature keeps from 13 to 19℃ (55-66℉). The temperature becomes higher in late January. With rainfall of about 21 mm on average, it rains less than other months in January and the humidity is also relatively low. 

Maybe a little cold, but January is definitely a good month to explore Hanoi. It is still in off-peak travel season and there are not so many visitors sightseeing in this ancient city. And the most important festival of the country, Tet, sometimes falls at the end of this month, when colorful celebrations are held.

Averages for Hanoi Weather in January

Temperature: 16°C / 61°F
High Temperature: 19°C / 66°F
Low Temperature: 13°C / 55°F
Humidity: 73%
Rainfall: 21 mm
Rainy Days: 8 days
Sunrise: 06:34 ~ 06:36
Sunset: 17:27 ~ 17:46

What to Wear in Hanoi in January

If you are planning to visit Hanoi in January, warm clothes and light clothes are all required. In the daytime, the weather is warmer and you can wear blouses, thin knitwear, long T-shirts, and jeans. However, when the sun goes down, the weather becomes much cooler, and an overcoat or a jacket is very necessary. Sneakers or short boots are optional for your January trip. 
Hanoi Clothes in January January Wear in Hanoi

Top Things to Do in Hanoi in January

Recommendation Rate of Travel:

Visiting Hanoi in January is interesting as all people are preparing to celebrate their grandest Tet Festival, also known as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Visitors should not miss the chance of wandering the Hanoi Old Quarter which offers an impressive New Year atmosphere and dazzling Tet decorations. In the bustling streets and vibrant markets, some delicious local food can also be tasted. Hoan Kiem Lake in the city center is also a good place for travelers to stroll or cycle around. You can not only enjoy the tranquil beauty but also sightsee the surrounding attractions like Thap Rua Tower and Ngoc Son Temple. 

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