Hanoi Weather in June


Season: Rainy Season or Summer

Entering June, one of the hottest months of the year in Hanoi, the average temperature climbs to 30℃ (86℉) and the average temperature interval is between 26℃(79℉) and 33℃(91℉). At noon, the temperature in Hanoi sometimes can be over 38℃(100℉). Hence, the Hanoi weather in June could be a little unbearable for those who come from cool places. Apart from the scorching sunlight, the precipitation increases to 240mm and more frequent downpours keep troubling visitors in June. The humidity is similar to that in May, about 75%, making Hanoi’s June more unbearable. 

June is not so favorable for international travelers because this month also welcomes its domestic travel peak and the large crowds will make the trip more uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the blooming lotus is unmissable if you make a trip to Hanoi in June.


Averages for Hanoi Weather in June

Temperature: 30°C / 86°F
High Temperature: 33°C / 91°F
Low Temperature: 26°C / 79°F
Humidity: 75%
Rainfall: 240 mm
Rainy Days: 15 days
Sunrise: 05:15 ~ 05:18
Sunset: 18:34 ~ 18:42

What to Wear in Hanoi in June

Traveling to Hanoi in June, visitors should prepare some light and airy clothes due to its high temperatures. Short sleeve shirts, dresses, sandals and flip-flops are all recommended. Everyone should take care of themselves and prepare a sun-blocking hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to prevent the strong sunlight on sunny days. A raincoat is also necessary to protect you against sudden rains. 
Hanoi Clothes in June June Wear in Hanoi

Top Things to Do in Hanoi in June

Recommendation Rate of Travel:

The weather in June is not favorable for most outdoor activities and the only exception is admiring the beauty of lotus around lakes and lagoons. The West Lake should be the highlight which features a lotus pond where visitors can capture the most perfect pictures. Apart from enjoying flowers, tasting ice cream in waterfront stores and appreciating spectacular sunset views over West Lake could be awesome. Vietnam’s famous Tet Doan Ngo Festival, aka Double Fifth Festival, also happens in June and visitors cannot miss its interesting activities including dragon boat races, kite flying, and street parades. 


1. On sunny days in June, visitors should avoid outdoor activities in the afternoon. If you have to, do sun protection, stay hydrated and drink a lot of water to prevent heatstroke.  
2. Downpours may occur at any time. Just take an umbrella or a raincoat to protect yourself from being wet.
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