Hanoi Weather in September


Season: Rainy Season or Autumn

The Hanoi weather in September is comparatively comfortable than in previous months as the hottest time of the year has gone away. The average temperature hovers between 25 and 31℃ (77-88℉) and there are no more baking hot days. Not only the temperature but also the rainfall in September slightly decreases. The average rainy days are 14, totaling precipitation of about 265 mm. Even though, it is experiencing the rainy season. 

In short, the cool weather and more comfortable climate attract more visitors to explore the old capital city.


Averages for Hanoi Weather in September

Temperature: 28°C / 82°F
High Temperature: 31°C / 88°F
Low Temperature: 25°C / 77°F
Humidity: 78%
Rainfall: 265 mm
Rainy Days: 14 days
Sunrise: 05:40 ~ 05:47
Sunset: 17:45 ~ 18:12

What to Wear in Hanoi in September

The temperature of Hanoi in September is still high and thus light clothing should be packed in your luggage first. In most days, T-shirts, shorts, light pants and dresses are enough. However, in some mornings and evenings after rain, a thin coat is needed to resist a current of cool wind. A raincoat should also be packed as there are still many rainy days this month. 
Hanoi Clothes in September September Wear in Hanoi

Top Things to Do in Hanoi in September

Recommendation Rate of Travel:

In September, Hanoi’s weather becomes mild relatively and it is feasible to experience outdoor activities. The Old Quarter is the top 1 attraction in Hanoi. You are recommended to stroll around the historic area to take in the charm of old buildings and have a cup of unique egg coffee. Vietnamese National Day takes place on September 2 when you can witness the flag-saluting ceremony in the early morning and visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to learn about the hard struggle for the nation's independence. September also welcomes another significant traditional festival, Tet Trung Thu, aka Vietnam's Full moon Festival. You will be delighted to partake in this grand festival, taste delicious food like mooncakes and enjoy colored lanterns, as well as witness various parades and Dragon Dance or Lion Dance shows. 


The traffic in the Old Quarter is very busy, and a lot of motorbikes are crazy. Be very careful when crossing the streets.
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