Baihua Lake

In the northwest suburb of Guiyang, approximately 22 km (14 miles) from the downtown area, there is Baihua Lake. As a large reservoir, the water here is well preserved. The lake is famous for its natural landscape of water and hills. The enchanting scenery here is very like that of the Li River in Guilin, thus the scenic area was given the nickname - 'Small Guilin'.

The Baihua Lake is divided into three parts by islets. The South Lake is long and narrow; the Middle Lake boasts a boundless expanse of blue water; and the North Lake abounds with islets and bays. The whole Baihua Lake provides visitors with wonderful landscapes. Water in the lake is clean and tepid, and the green hills standing by the lake resemble graceful beauties. Over 100 islands make Baihua Lake look like the blue sky bejeweled with stars. With such a beautiful scene, Baihua Lake is definitely an ideal destination for spending holidays with friends and family.

Over 50 interesting scenic spots can be discovered in this scenic area, of which 23 are now open to tourists. These spots include Overlooking the Pin Woods, Two Monkeys Guarding the Garden, Kwan-yin Cave on the Maoli Hill, Hongwu Temple on the Moon Hill, and Birds Island. The Birds Island is the most eye-catching one. When spring or winter comes, a considerable amount of birds wheel above the island, forming a spectacle of tremendous magnificence. Also to be found is the Zhuchang Castle, located on the southeast bank of Baihua Lake. It was a military fortification in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), where troops were quartered. The castle measures about 2,000 m (2,200 yards) long with two gates respectively in the east and west. There are three huge rock peaks, which are named 'General I', 'General II' and 'General III' by local people.

In addition to visiting these attractions, travelers can also get on a ship to fully enjoy the beautiful lake scenery. Some dozens of families live on the islands in Baihua Lake and berth their boats by the islands. Therefore, Baihua Lake looks more poetic and picturesque in the mist. Although Baihua Lake provides amazing scenery from March to October, you are suggested to visit it during the springtime from March to late May. In spring, birds fly through the sky and widgeons play in the water. What a lovely scene! Besides, with all flowers blooming together in spring, the lake is in a blaze of color. And that is why the lake is given the Chinese name 'Baihua', which literally means hundreds of flowers.

How to get to Baihua Lake

Take Bus 102 or Guanjiao Line 2 to Baihuahu (Baihua Lake). 
Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours All day
Recommended Time for a Visit 2-3h
- Last updated on Jul. 10, 2018 -
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