Dalian Forest Zoo

The Dalian Forest Zoo allows animals to live in their natural environment without human interference. It is located in the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area of the Dalian south coast and covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers (about 1,779 acres). The zoo is divided into a Stable Breeding Area and a Safari Area, with more than 200 animal species, totaling over 3,000 animals and about 400 species of plants. The giant pandas, Australian kangaroos, golden monkeys and other rare animals in the Rain Forest Reptile Pavilion are the biggest attractions. In addition, there are wonderful performances in the Happy Theater and Elephant Behavior Pavilion in the Captive Breeding Area.
Map of Dalian Forest Zoo

Safari Area

Rain Forest Reptile Pavilion

The pavilion is composed of five divisions including a service area, human and nature area, desert landscape area, tropical fruit garden and tropical rain forest. You can see 400 plant species, totaling more than 15,000 plants. The pavilion simulates the natural climate of the tropics and subtropics and uses rocks, water and plants of the tropics and subtropics to form a natural rain forest environment. Tourists get a year-round view of the tropics and subtropics. There are more than 30 species of amphibians and reptiles on display such as Siamese crocodiles, golden pythons, red-footed tortoises and chameleons. At the same time, the Rain Forest Reptile Pavilion is equipped with supermarkets, restaurants and other service facilities. Smaller attractions including cave exploring and the sky city are also open.

Panda Pavilion

The Panda Pavilion is located to the east side of the Rain Forest Reptile Pavilion, adjacent to the Small Animal Village and the Visitor Service Center. There are three giant pandas, one male and two females. In addition, there are more than twenty red pandas living here happily.

Happy Primate Garden

The Happy Primate Garden is divided into an indoor viewing area, an outdoor viewing area and a service and leisure area. Inside, visitors can see the animals through glass windows, which provides convenience for visitors to view the animals in winter or in severe weather conditions. Outside, visitors can watch animals such as chimpanzees, golden monkeys and colobus monkeys on the bridge.

Little Animal Village

Here is the children’s favorite part of the Dalian Forest Zoo. The highlight of this area are the “little” animals. The baby lion, tiger, bear, chicken, duck, rabbit and other poultry, all the small cute animals are displayed in the Small Animal Village. In particular, the baby polar bear, the first one artificially bred in China, lives in its bedroom complete with a French glass window, attracting a large number of tourists to admire it every day.
In the area of the African herbivores, tourists can have close contact with giraffes, zebras and ostriches to experience the passion of the African grasslands. In the alpaca square, groups of lovely animals move around you. At the Australian Kangaroo Park, visitors can meet emus and Australia’s national treasure animals - kangaroos. In the Fierce Beast Area, you can experience the fearsome Siberian tiger, African lion and black bear up close. 

Recommended Tour Route in Safari Area:

Entry / Exit of Cage-free Area → Flamingo Pavilion → Rain Forest Reptile Pavilion → Little Animal Village → Panda Pavilion → Wild Animal Range → Swan Lake → Fierce Beast Area →Happy Primate Garden → Entry / Exit of Cage-free Area

Stable Breeding Area

Golden Monkey House

The Golden monkey house is located south of the Stable Breeding Area, and houses a total of more than 30 Sichuan golden monkeys. Visitors can learn about the daily life of golden monkeys both indoors and outdoors, as well as experience high-tech interactive exhibits that combine education with entertainment.

Elephant Behavior Pavilion

Here visitors can see wonderful performances by trainers and elephants. If you are brave enough, you might be able to join them in an exciting performance.

Polar Museum

The Polar Museum contains two floors above ground and one underground. In a world of blue ice and snow, visitors can see lively and friendly polar bears and cuddly penguins. High-tech science lets you enjoy the mystery of the polar region. Rare and endangered wildlife species are also displayed in the museum to tell you the truth about the preciousness of life.

Crane Pavilion

The Crane Pavilion is adjacent to the Elephant Behavior Pavilion. At present, there are only 15 species of cranes in the world. Nearly 100 cranes of 13 species, six species of which are endangered, are on display in the Dalian Forest Zoo. 

Recommended Tour Route in Stable Breeding Area:

Entry /Exit of Stable Breeding Area → Bear Pavilion → Gaiety Theater → Golden Monkey House → Polar Museum → Elephant Behavior Pavilion → Dinosaur Park → Crane Pavilion→Ecological Bird House → Stone Museum → Entry / Exit of Stable Breeding Area.

How to Get to Dalian Forest Zoo

1. Take bus line 525, 529, or 715 to the Dalian Forest Zoo Station; you will be close to the Entry/ Exit of the Stable Breeding Area.
2. Take bus line 5, 47, 49, 501, 541, or 702 and get off at the South Gate of Dalian Forest Zoo Station.  You will be near the Entry/ Exit of the Safari Area.

Admission Fee
April – October: CNY 120;
November – March: CNY 100;
* Free for children under 1.3m (about 4.3ft).
CNY 20 / person-time for Electric tour car.
Opening Hours April - October: 08:30 ~ 16:00;
November - March: 09:00 ~ 16:00.

Nearby Attractions:

Golden Beach (Jinshatan Bathing Beach)
Xinghai Square
Xinghai Park
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