Bingyu Valley Scenic Area

The Bingyu Valley Scenic Area, covering an area of 110 square kilometers (27,182 acres), is located in northern Zhuanghe City, 240 kilometers (149 miles) distant from Dalian City. This spectacular resort is renowned as 'Oriental Miniature Switzerland'. It is also acclaimed as 'Little Guilin' which is internationally known for its extraordinary landscapes. These vistas present rugged cliffs, astonishing peaks, and clear rivers wending their way through luxuriant virgin forests. This fascinating area, full of ecological significance, truly deserves its reputation as one of best-kept secrets of China.

The Bingyu Valley Scenic Area consists of the Longhua Mountain, the Xiaoyu (small) Valley and the Yingna River. The mountain gives visitors a sense of both loftiness and elegance, imbuing the visitor with both boldness and tranquility. Amongst the numerous scattered peaks you can discern many phantasms and figures, such as a gnarling tiger, a tiercel spreading its wings, or a long sharp sword.

The Yingna River, dances along the valley like a white silk ribbon. It is very calm in some sections of the valley, later becomes agitated, and even then changes into a picturesque lake. Its tributaries, looking like threads, twist around small isolated peaks. At the Shuanglong Dam, the scenery is suggestive of the captivating scenery of Guilin and the Three Gorges which is a most marvelous section of the Yangtze River. A lot of activities such as, skating (winter only), boating and fishing can only be enjoyed here.

The green virgin forests of the mountain here are able to eclipse the sky as this natural arboretum bewitches the onlooker. There are thousands of plants that provide an oxygen-rich environment. This is also a habitat for hundreds of animals, such as: otters, roe deer, badgers, foxes, squirrels, and birds, especially indigenous robins. As the Circle of Life completes, the years unwind: the flowers bloom in spring; it offers a cooler place in summer; during autumn the gorgeous mountain is covered with red leaves; in winter the mountain suddenly changes into crystalline icebergs.

Transportation Tips:
On weekends and Chinese holidays, take a direct bus at 7:30 a.m. from the Shengli Square (in front of Dalian Railway Station). It takes about two hours. CNY 45 for the bus fare.
At non-peak days: Dalian Bus Station (08:30)-->Zhuanghe City (06:00-16:00) -->Bingyu Valley Scenic Area. (About three hours in total)

Admission Fee: CNY 120
Opening Hours: Whole day
Recommended Time for a Visit: Five hours

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