Dalian Square

Squares in Dalian

Zhongshan Square
Also called 'Nicholas Square', it was originally built in the Russian colonial period. This round square is typical of the blending of western styles of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance with a variety of old European style buildings surrounding an elegant marble circle terrace. Today, government financial institutions are housed in those old buildings and the square becomes a weekend leisure place for local people. At night it is colorfully illuminated.
Getting there: Bus 7, 15, 16, 19, 23, 30, 405, 409, 701, 703, 707 and 708
Suggested visiting time: Half an hour

Renmin Square
This is a more dynamic place with a charming music fountain in the south. Opposite the beautiful fountain are the municipal government institutions including the public security bureau, municipal court and procurator's office.
Getting there: Bus 15, 708, 710, 16, 19, 303, 405 and 409
Suggested visiting time: Half an hour

Youhao Square
It was built to commemorate the friendship of China and the former Soviet Union. The illuminated crystal-ball architecture in the middle of the square is eye-catching. The five hands holding the ball resemble the solidarity of people from five continents of the world. At night, the colored lights inside the crystal-ball make it a dazzling view - it is popular with photographers. The neighboring area is the entertaining and cultural center of the city dotted with numerous cinemas and entertainment places.
Getting there: Bus: 15, 16, 23, 708 and 710

Olympic Square
Comprised of five round squares, it was a 100 year anniversary gift project built in 1999 by the Dalian government. On the northern part of the square is the five-ring Olympic symbol and on the southern part are twelve tennis courts and a football ground. On its eastern and western flanks are music fountains, resembling a pair of hands holding the five rings. Wal-Mart has a shopping center under the square.
Getting there: Bus 23, 4, 15, 406 and 701
Suggested visiting time: Half an hour

Shengli (Victory) Square
It is said Dalian was the drawing room of northern China and Shengli (Victory) Square is that of Dalian. Located in front of Dalian Railway Station, it is surrounded by numerous shopping centers and department stores. The Romanesque area sunk down in its middle is a venue for dazzling commercial promotions and art performances.
Getting there: Buses 7, 13, 30, 31, 39, 101, 201, 408, 414, 521, 525, 531 and 909 

Haizhiyun (Melody of Sea) Square
With a group of artistic sculptures resembling soaring seagulls and a flying dragon, it is the entrance to the northeastern section of Binhai Lu, the most scenic coastal area of the city. A man-made waterfall is built in its middle with various totem sculptures that present the harmony of human and nature.
Admission: 10 yuan
Getting there: We suggest you take the antique-style trolley leaving from the Railway Station
Suggested visiting time: two hours
Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00

Bathing Paradise

As a coastal city at the tip of Liaodong Peninsular, Dalian has rich beach resources. The bathing places along the city's coastline are good choices for a beach resort holiday and paradises for water sports lovers.

Dalian borders the Yellow Sea to the south and Bohai Sea to the west and has a coastal line of nearly 2000 kilometers (1,243 miles). The southern seashore areas bordering the Yellow Sea are typically hilly with ragged cliffs and rugged hills. The famous Fujiazhuang, Bangchuidao and Jianshitan bathing places in this region feature relatively lower water temperatures, steep slopes and big waves.

The western coastal line of the city in Baohai Sea has plain seashores with smooth banks, and calm waters. The bathing places in this region are more suitable for beginners and children. A well known bathing place is at Xiajia Hezi.

Xinghai Park Bathing Place
Located in Xinghai Park, this is one of the four best bathing places in Dalian with all necessary amenities.
Getting there: Bus 15, 16, 202 (tram), 523, 528 and 531
Admission: free

Fujiazhuang Park Bathing Place
This bathing center is famous for its soft sand and limpid waters.
Getting there: Bus 702, 5, 541

Bangchuidao Bathing Place
With scenic woods and ragged cliffs, the bathing area in Bangchuidao Scenic Area is a better choice for nature lovers.
Getting there: so far no public buses go there directly, take Bus 713 to Shanpinjie and take a taxi for ten yuan
Admission: 20 yuan

Jinshatan Bathing Center
Located in the western section of Binhai Road, the bathing center is near Fujiazhuang Bathing Place. They have water-circling programs.
Getting there: take Bus 702 or 5 and get off at Yinshatai stop or a taxi for 10 yuan from near Xinghai Square
Admission: free

Xiajia Hezi Bathing Place
Sixteen kilometers (9.9 miles) away from the city center, this bathing place features with mild waves and soft beaches. The waters are not very deep and suitable for learners.
Getting there: Take mini-bus from the Railway Station
Admission: free

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