Four Scenic Regions of Mount Emei

Bell Pavilion in Baoguo Temple
Bell Pavilion in Baoguo Temple

 Baoguo Temple
Baoguo Temple is the center of Buddhist activities in Mount Emei. The climate here is mild and trees are verdant and serried. Visiting this temple, you can enjoy either the renowned ancient buildings and precious Buddhist cultural relics or peculiar natural attractions and rare animals and plants.

Facing the east, Baoguo Temple awaits the arrival of the rising sun in the morning and sends off the setting sun in the dusk. In front of the temple gate there is a pair of stone lions carved in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). They are lively, grand and mighty, like door guards protecting the temple as well as the Mount Emei. A large engraved stone slab hangs above the gate with the name of the temple on it which was written by the Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

  Qingyin Pavilion

Grand Hall of Baoguo Temple
Grand Hall of Qingyin Pavilion

Qingyin Pavilion is in the middle part of Emeishan Mountain. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole area of the pavilion is a fine picture with green hills and blue water. At its high point there are towering exquisite and refined pavilions. Two gloriettes stand in the middle of the region of Qingyin Pavilion. There is one stone bridge crossing on the Black Dragon River (The color of the water is dark green.) and the White Dragon River (The color of the water is ivory.) on each side of the gloriette. The two bridges are like a pair of wings, so a beautiful name was given to them: Double Flying Bridges. In the lower point, you can see the Black Dragon River on the right of the Cattle Heart Pavilion and White Dragon River on its left.

The billowing waves strike the huge stone in the green pond giving out the roaring sound time and again and echoing around the surrounding valleys and woods. The water splashing in all directions like broken pieces of crystal pearls and jade and forms a series of water drops flying in the air and then drop into the pond. How amazing it is! In the night with full moon and soft wind, all is quiet and there is only the melodious sound of water resounding in the air. Listening to the clear sound, your heart will be in a state of quietness and you will forget the existence of yourself, as if you had introjected with the nature and hovered in the universe.

 Wannian Temple
The scenery in Wannian Temple is pleasant all the year around but especially in autumn.

Wannian Temple
Wannian Temple
Brick Hall in the Wannian Temple
Brick Hall in the Wannian Temple

In autumn there is heat of summer at the foot of the mountain even though snow has fallen on the top, but it is the best season to visit the Wannian Temple. Here red leaves are reflected in the water and when a breeze comes the leaves dance in the pond forming red waves glistening in the sunlight. So thrilling! Also in the Wannian Temple scenic region, there are villages creating a peaceful and intoxicating picture.

Golden Summit on Mt. Emei
Golden Summit

Looking around beside the White Water Pond, the wind touches the mountains, wobbling the trees making a howling sound; red leaves have a dance to the wind in the air; the ripply stream water goes rightly through the temple and is crooning and echoing the wind.

 Golden Summit
Golden Summit gets its name from a bronze house which was there. The weather here is cold in all year round but its natural scenery is wonderful. The four great spectacles of Golden Summit and also of Mount Emei are sunrise, clouds sea, Buddha rays and saint lamps. They are the essence of the beauty and mysterious charm of the Mount Emei. In the following paragraphs detailed descriptions of the four great spectacles will be given.

 Mount Emei
    Four Features of Mount Emei
    Four Scenic Regions of Mount Emei
    Four Spectacles of Mount Emei

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Questions & Answers on Four Scenic Regions of Mount Emei
Asked by Matthew from SINGAPORE | Jan. 07, 2020 23:28Reply
Tourist bus of Mt. Emei
How many stops are there if I am taking the tourist bus? Is it a hop and off bus with 1 bus fare or I have to pay the fare again if I get down and up? What time is the bus timing as per March 2020?
Answers (3)
Answered by Jill from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 08, 2020 18:35

There are 6 stops throughout the journey. It operates from 7:00 to 17:00 during March. If you buy a full line ticket covering 6 stops, you can't get off the bus on the way.
Answered by Matthew from SINGAPORE | Jan. 10, 2020 19:49

Is it possible to go by this route as I only hv one day to spend :-
1. From starting point at Emeishan bus station to Leidongping station
2. After spending my time at the Jinding, will take the bus from Leidongping station to Wangnian temple
3. From Wangnian temple hike down to Qingyin Pavilion
4. From Qingyin take bus down to Baoguo temple to end the trip
I am not sure if this is possible.
Answered by Jill from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 13, 2020 00:31

1-3 is doable, while there is no bus between Qingyin Pavilion and Baoguo temple.
Asked by Fong from SINGAPORE | Oct. 02, 2017 23:32Reply
Need detailed advice on transportation from Fraser Suite, Chengdu to Golden Summit, Mt Emei. Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Charmaine from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 12, 2017 03:24

You need to take metro line 2 from Tianfu Square to Chengdu East, which takes about 20 minutes and CNY3.
Then you can take a bullet train to Emeishan, which takes about 1h 30 minutes and CNY78 for a first class seat, CNY65 for a second one.
After that, take Emeishan 12 to Baoguisi Temple, from where you can take tourist bus to Leidongping. Then walk south for about 20 minutes to Jieyin Temple, from where you can take the cable car to Golden Summit.
Asked by Veronica from SINGAPORE | Oct. 05, 2016 07:24Reply
Is climbing the steps or road on Mt. Emei safe for old people at 60 years old?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from NETHERLANDS | Oct. 05, 2016 22:48

If you are quite fit, it is fine to climb up. But it will be a long journey, you may feel tired. Also the altitude of the Golden Summit is a little challenging. To enjoy yourself, I myself recommend you use the cable car.
Asked by Kim Yen from MALAYSIA | Apr. 17, 2016 18:36Reply
Can I view sunrise without staying at top of Mt. Emei?
I would like to watch the sunrise at the summit. Is it possible for me to get there early by 6am, for I am staying at the foot of the mountain? Please guide and advise.
Answers (3)
Answered by Oliver from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 17, 2016 21:11

Hi, if hiking onto the summit early from the foot of the mount, I'm afraid you cannot catch the sunrise. To catch the sunrise, I suggest you stay in Leidongping. You can get up early and walk 15-20min to the cable car station to take the telpher to Golden Summit.
Answered by from MALAYSIA | Apr. 19, 2016 19:22

if I watch sunset at 6.00pm, am I still able to catch the bus down as I noticed that the park close at 6.30pm?
Answered by Oliver | Apr. 20, 2016 01:01

I am sorry that the buses operate until 17:00. After watching the sunset, you need to hike down.
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