Lanzhou Nightlife

In spite of its location in northwest China, Lanzhou's unique nightlife compares favorably with that in the coastal cities. Lights blaze along the banks of the Yellow River as they showcase the bridges and excited people. These bubbling people choose their enjoyment from the plentiful options available to them such as: diverse night-snack stands, various types of bars, grotesque nightclubs, romantic cafes, exciting cinemas, nostalgic theaters, etc. These memorable nights in Lanzhou, with its many charming attractions, inspire the departing clients to tell others about their wonderful experiences.


After enjoying soft beef noodles and flavorful barbeques at restaurants or stalls and wandering the main streets and back lanes, don't overlook the beautiful atmosphere of the colorfully decorated bars. Most bars and pubs are not as professional as those in big cities, which often look like cafes, teahouses or clubs. Fortunately, they all feature music and good wine. Gannan Lu is the popular pub street.

Baroque Xinzhen Bar
Location: No. 515, Gannan Zhong Lu, Chengguan District
As the name implies, this splendidly decorated bar is a grotesque pearl among the numerous bars in Lanzhou. Undoubtedly, this is the most novel bar in the city! For those with discriminating tastes, this bar with its elegant decorations, exquisite lighting and magnificent music is certainly the premier choice for the exacting person.

Huochai Tiantang (Match Paradise) Bar
Location: Gannan Lu Xiduan
The design, which generates nostalgia, is accompanied by guitar music which quickly relaxes each person who enters through its front doors. Its name, Match Paradise, is derived from a famous fairy tale by Anderson as well as a pop song in China. While in the bar, patrons don't feel any cold but only the happiness which comes from being in a paradise. Though the bar has many straight lines, they seem softer to the customers as they enjoy the nostalgic music of heavy metal. Simplicity and frankness are the keywords here but demonstrated in such a way that each patron departs with a sense of being positively impacted.

Shi Er Ma (Twelve Yards) Bar
Location: Gannan Lu Xiduan, Chengguan District
Another theme bar, this bar focusing on football, is the most fashionable venue for football fans.

Besides, Kaidi Bar in Jingning Lu Zhongduan and Bujian Busan Bar at No. 358 in Jinchang Nan Lu are all wonderful places for spending the long night.

Disco, KTV and Nightclub

Jiaodian Club (KTV)
Location: Qingyang Lu

Dong Ni Hot Dance Disco
Location: No.88, Xijin Dong Lu, Qilihe District
Boasting the largest and the most luxurious performance hall in Lanzhou, this bar first attracts you with its reputation of five-star service. Once experienced first-hand, you will want to tell others as well as return here yourself.

Happy KTV100 (Zhong Shan Branch)
Location: Qiaomen Building, No.205, Zhongshan Lu
The selling point of this business is its superior location which borders the Yellow River Scenery in the north. The refreshing and elegant surroundings will ease your tired heart and refresh your spirit.


For sports fans and those concerned with fitness, the various gyms and sports clubs are great places to help you achieve your goals and meet like-minded people.

Lanzhou Gymnasium
Location: No. 261, Gaolan Lu

Gansu Olympic P.E. Development Center
Location: No. 123, Anxi Lu

Tianlong Snooker Club
Location: Dazhong Market

Lanzhou Bei Ji Xing (Polaris) Skating Club
Location: No.101, Jiuda Lu

Gansu Shaping Center
Location: No.273, Tanjiazi

Lanzhou Longsheng Bowling Club
Location: No.263, Gaolan Lu


If your first requirement is for quiet and casual surroundings, the many tea houses in Lanzhou will satisfy you. As you taste the fragrant tea and appreciate traditional tea ceremonies, you will find that time seems to stand still as you deeply relax and are refreshed.

Jin Long Men Tea House
Location: No.37 Jinchang Lu

Du Shi (City) Tea House
Location: No.144, Baiyin Lu

Zi Lu Tea House
Location: Binhe Bei Lu


Operas in Lanzhou can be largely divided into Qin (Shaanxi) Opera, Long (Gansu) Opera, Yu (Henan) Opera and Beijing Opera.

Gansu Dunhuang Art Theater
Location: No.1710, Donggang Dong Lu

Gansu Beijing Opera Troupe
Location: No.135, Zhengning Lu

Gansu Qin Opera Troupe
Location: No.39, Nongmin Xiang

Gansu Long Opera Troupe
Location: No.65 Bodao Lu

Night Market

Night markets suit the gourmets. Delicacies of various ethnic groups such as Han, Hui, Bao'an, Dongxiang, Uigu, as well as from communities in and around Lanzhou like Jingyuan, Xi'an, Xinjiang, will stimulate your appetite to such an extent that you want to try everything offered. Sample the preserved pork, boiled mutton, barbequed mutton, pork pies, rice noodles, etc. The night market near Zhongshan Bridge focuses on Muslim food is one of the most popular of its kind in Lanzhou. Last but not least, let bailan melon be your finishing taste... sweet and mellow like your visit in Lanzhou.

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