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Mohe, China

Mohe Facts

Chinese Name: 漠河 (mò hé)
Population: 83,414
Area: 18,427 square kilometers (7,114.7 square miles)
Location: on the north of Daxing'anling, northwest Heilongjiang Province, northeast China
Area Code: 0457
Zip Code: 165399
GDP (2018): CNY 2.93 billion (USD 0.44 billion)
Nationality: Han, Man, Mongol, Hui, Ewenki

The Most Northern City of China

Under the jurisdiction of Daxing'anling, Mohe is located at the northern end of China. It borders Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the south, Tahe County on the east and faces Russia across the Heilongjiang River. Mohe is the most north county-level city in China. Mohe is one of the domestic non-polluted natural pure lands and Beiji Village is the only place in China to view the aurora borealis and experience polar day and polar night. Mohe has the monopolistic tourism resources in the north of China such as Luogu River Village, Beiji Village and Arctic Sandbank. Travelers can also experience the unique reindeer custom, costume and hunting culture of Ewenki people and appreciate the buildings in Russian style within the city as well.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Mohe

You may need 2-3 days for Mohe travel.

 Beiji Village
As the most northern county in China, it is the only place to observe the view of aurora borealis and experience polar day and polar night. When the summer solstice comes, looking at the north at midnight, the sky is bright like the dawn. And winter solstice is the best time to experience polar night.

 Beihong Village
Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Beihong is an original village which has not been so commercialized. It is a pure land far away from the busy city. Travelers can explore in the old-growth forests under the guidance of the local people. There are many wild animals such as snow rabbits, wild bears and roe deer. In summer, travelers can also pick wild fruits and wild medical herbs.

 Birch Forest
It is a good place for travelers to appreciate the beauty of nature. In autumn, golden leaves with blue sky and white clouds are beautiful like an oil painting. And winter is the best time to visit. During winter, the whole forest is covered with snow. The leaves of the top of the trees are blown up by the wind, revealing the silvery white on the opposite side of the leaves which are like white flowers. Travelers can stroll and take photos in the forest.

 Ewenki Reindeer Park
Ewenki people live in the depth of the mountains and forests for a long time. They maintain an original life style and support the family by hunting. It is the only tribe in China that raises reindeer. In the park, travelers can get in with the reindeers which are very gentle, or take pictures at will.

 Go Winter Fishing
Winter fishing is a special activity in Mohe Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang River runs across the Beiji village, and travelers can go fishing with locals and enjoy the local stewed fish.

Best Time to Visit Mohe

The best time to visit Mohe is from September to March. Mohe China belongs to the continental monsoon climate in a cold temperate zone. Mohe is the county with the lowest temperature in China, and the lowest temperature in history is -42 °C (-43.6℉). The winter is long from October to February, very cold with heavy snow. And the spring from March to May is short with heavy winds. The annual average temperature in Mohe Daxing'anling is -5.5 °C (22.1℉). Most of the rainfalls are in July.

Mohe Weather Forecast



Mohe Gulian Airport is available for travelers. After getting off the plane, travelers can take a taxi to the city center, taking about 20 minutes. But there are not many direct flights to Mohe, and sometimes you need to transfer via Harbin or Heihe. Travelers can choose to take a flight to Harbin Taiping International Airport, and then take trains at Harbin Railway Station. There are two trains from Harbin to Mohe, K7041 and K7039, which takes about 14 hours. These two trains usually run in the evening and arrive at Mohe Daxing'anling on the second day.
Within the city area, there is no metro. Travelers can take buses for Mohe travel. Travelers can also take a charted car which costs CNY 650-750/day. Also, SUV business vehicles and large commercial vehicles are available. The prices of these cars are varied in different seasons. If you only wander around within the city, you can pay CNY 10 by taxi to any place. Travelers can take the provincial bus line at Mohe Bus Station to Beiji Village. The buses run at 09:00 and 15:50 respectively, and the ticket fare is CNY 25.

Best Mohe Food to Try

Many dishes of the Northeast Cuisine in Mohe Daxing'anling are worth tasting such as Double Cooked Pork Slices, Stewed Pork with Pickled Chinese Cabbages, Di Sanxian (Sauteed Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant) and Fried Pork Slices.

 Double Cooked Pork Slices
It is a famous dish of Northeast Food. It takes pork griskin as the main material. Cover griskin with starch, fry them in hot oil for twice, add sauced juice, and then put cilantro for decoration. It tastes sour and sweet and is very popular among travelers.

 Stewed Pork with Pickled Chinese Cabbages
It is a home-cooked dish in the northeast, taking pork rib meat, pickled Chinese cabbages and vermicelli as the main material. The soup tastes fresh and salty, and the meat is fat but not greasy. It is more popular in the cold winter.

 Di Sanxian (Sauteed Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant)
This dish is not only rich in fresh taste with natural green ingredients, but also rich in nutrition which makes it become a famous dish in the northeast. It is worth tasting when going to Mohe Daxing'anling.
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when is the best time to see the aurora borealis in Mohe?
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Answered by Gabriella from DENMARK | Jul. 12, 2020 23:49

Generally speaking, June and July, December and January are considered as the best time to see aurora borealis.
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How is Mohe City like? Is Diyingzi Village similar to Mohe Town? And also is Shangcun Village part of Russia or China? Do we need passport to cross the border?
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