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Daxing'anling Facts

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Chinese Name: 大兴安岭 (dà xīng ān lǐng)
Population: 540,000
Area: 84,600 square kilometers (32,664 square miles)

Location: Daxing'anling is in the north end of China's territory. It is west to Xiaoxinganling, east to Inner Mongolia, north to Songnen Plain and south to Russia.
Administrative Division: 4 districts (Jiagedaqi, Songling, Xinlin, Huzhong) 3 counties (Huma, Tahe, Mohe)

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourism Complaints: 0457-2125394
Railway Station Inquiry: 0457-2122269

Daxing'anling Attractions - Things to Do

Huzhong National Nature Reserve

Located between Daxing'anling main range and Yilehuli Mountain, it is the largest primitive Eastern larch forest in northern China. It is home to many kinds of rare animals and plants. Dabai Mountain, the peak of north range of Daxing'anling Mountain, is the highlight of the area.

Mohe County

It is situated in the north end of China and borders Russia. Beiji Village (The Village of Northern-Pole) is the only place in China to enjoy polar day and polelight. The cross-border river Heilongjiang River rises from Mohe. The 'Gold Path' is said to be the way where gold was transported in ancient times. Yanzhizhou is the famous gold production base where tourists can experience the gold rush by themselves.

Shibazhan Oroqen Town

This town is where the Oroqen (a hunting ethnic minority group) people inhabit. The mysterious local custom and primitive life habit are most attractive.

Gaxian Cave

Located in northwest of Jiagedaqi District, it is an ancient cave where the ancestors of Sarbi people lived thousands of years ago. It is now under the first level state protection.

How to get to/around Daxing'anling

Jiagedaqi has direct railway lines to Harbin, Beijing, Shenyang, Hailar and Manzhouli. Highways are quite well constructed, linking Daxing'anling together with other cities and counties of Heilongjiang Province. To get to Mohe, visitors need firstly get to Harbin; take trains from Harbin to Jiagedaqi for about nine hours and then continue a ten-hour train journey to Mohe.


In Daxing'anling, winter is quite long and cold while summer is short and cool. The annual average temperature is only minus 2.8°C (27°F). Winter there lasts as long as seven months and the temperature can be lower than minus 40°C (minus 40°F). Summer there lasts only two months. From June to August, the sunlit period can last for 17 hours.

 When to Go: June to August is the best time to visit that place, when the daytime is long enough for visitors to explore the land. Moreover, every year when the Summer Solstice comes on June 21st or June 22nd, the rare polar days can be witnessed. Visitors can also enjoy the magnificent polelight if they're lucky enough. Winter is for those who would like to experience the extreme snow and ice scenery. Please remember to take thick clothes and keep warm if you visit in winter.

Daxing'anling Travel Tips

 History: Early in the late Paleolithic Age, human beings started to live in this area. It was already a state of the Zhou Dynasty (770BC-221BC) empire. From Sui Dynasty (581-618) to Liao Dynasty (916-1125), it was controlled by the Shiwei people (the ancestor of Oroqen Nationality). In the 16th century, it was reigned by the Manchu people. In 1970, it became a district under the direct guide of Heilongjiang Province.

 Physical Features: With Daxing'anling mountain ranges lying in the west, this area inclines from high west to low east. The whole area is covered with mountains, hills and basins among mountains.

 Local Highlights: Daxing'anling is a natural unpolluted area with peculiar landscape of forest, rivers, ice and snow. It is the largest modern national forest area in China. Large areas of forest offer the locals with abundant wild plants and animals resources. In addition, it is rich in minerals especially gold.

 Special Local Products: Natural plants in the thick mountain forest provide rich food resources including daylily, needle mushroom, agaricus, and glossy ganoderma.

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