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Chinese Name: 鹤岗 (hè gǎng)
Population: 1,110,000
Area: 14,784 square kilometers (5,708 square miles)
Nationalities: Han

Location: Situated in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, Hegang is separated from Jiamusi City by the Mudan (Peony) River in the south and separated from Russia by the Amur (Heilongjiang) River in the north.

Administrative Division: 6 districts (Xingshan, Xiangyang, Gongnong, Nanshan, Xing'an, Dongshan); 2 counties (Luobei, Suibin)
Seat of the city government: No.1, Beijing Road, Xiangyang District

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0468-3852818
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Bank of China Branch: No.66, Jiefang Road (East), Gongnong District
China Post Branch: No.8, Hongjun Road, Xiangyang District

Hegang Attractions - Things to Do

Hegang National Forest Park is embraced by the Lesser Xing'an Mountains in north of the city. Covering an area of 2,636 hectare (6514 acres), the park consists of primitive pine forest, eco-tourist resort and folk-custom garden. Especially the folk-custom garden which is 32 kilometers (20 miles) northeast of the city show best flavors of ethnic minorities in Heilongjiang Province. 

Wangyunfeng Skiing Resort is a pleasant winter resort seated in the Damahe Forestry Center, 45 kilometer (28 miles) north of the Luobei County. 

Other Scenic Spots: Bailong (White Dragon) Canyon, Songhe Xihu Park

How to get to Hegang from Jiamusi

Hegang is only 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Jiamusi Airport. Road transport between these two cities is quite convenient. From the Jiamusi Heping bus station, buses to that city depart every 30 minutes, and the total 71 kilometers (44 miles) will cost about one hour.


Hegang lies between mid and high latitudes, bearing a continental monsoon climate. July to August is the hottest period during a year, and January to February is the coldest. The extremely low temperature in winter can reach -39°C (-38.2°F).

 When to Go: As to the golden season to visit that city, December to January the next year is the best time to enjoy the fascinating snow scenes, while June to August is the fine season to shelter into the summer resort along the Amur River and in the primitive forest.

Hegang Travel Tips

 History: Hegang was originally called Xingshan named after the Xinghua Mine that established in early twentieth century. By 1900s, few people had settled down there. Later, the city got increasingly large-scale exploitation due to its large cache of coal.

 Physical Features: The terrain of the city slopes downwards from the west to the east. Northern and central parts belong to the mountainous area at the south foot of the Lesser Xing'an Mountains (Xiaoxing'anling). Its southern territory is located in the transition belt between mountains and plains, being the hilly area, while the southeast of Hegang is occupied by plain that undulates much gently.

 Special Local Products: agaric, mushroom, pine nut, deer antler, weasel skin

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Asked by Kay Speedling from USA | Feb. 03, 2014 19:52Reply
Could I please see a list of all hotels in Hegang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Samel from CANADA | Feb. 08, 2014 20:48

As I know so far, I only know 14 hotels in that place and they are Bihai Lantian Business Apartment Hotel, Dongfang Hotel, Longyun Hotel, Home Inn, Hegang Mining Industry Group Hotel, Hanting Express Hotel HG Train Station, Xilong Hotel Hegang Xinshiji Square, Jiuzhou Hotel and so on.
These ones are comparatively nice and hope it helps.

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